Fight of Faith

28 Jul

Pastor Louise Arioka spoke a timely message today at Enjoy Church East. It was about the “Fight of Faith”, drawing wisdom from the story of Gideon in Judges 6-7.

It was very timely because the past few months for me have been chaotic. I’ve been under extreme duress as the enemy tries to take ahold of my dream and destroy it. It may sound extreme but that has simply been the reality of my situation. He has done more damage than I would like to admit, however it doesn’t mean he will succeed. I need to fight the fight of faith and take back what is mine through God and his victory!

Here are the scribbles of the message spoken by Louise, which I wrote down.

There is a fight of faith that calls you to engage (to be prepared, ready to attack/defend)
That fight is to lay ahold of eternal life.
Judges 6:11
God wants to eradicate the “self” within us. For us to surrender to God. We have to remember that the battle is not our own but the Lord’s.
Fight the fight with Him

1. The fight fight begins in you.

Judges 6:12-16
Fight means conflict
Our reactions – what? Why? Where? When? How?
We create conflict within ourself and mind when God calls us to fight.
It begins within. We must know who God says we are.

2. The second fight begins in the household.

Judges 6:25-29
Our house is our place of strength and solitary. Our platform and place of refuge.
What is it that God has called you do deal with in your household?
Fear, intimidation, pride, brokenness, sin?
Your household is the foundation of faith. “For me and my house, we will serve The Lord”

3. The third fight that God calls us is to rescue others.

There are people that need YOU to fight

So stand up and be strong in who you are.
Judges 7:19-26

Myself -> my household -> others

Increase in responsibilities, problems and people impacted.

“Myself” is the key.

****End of Notes***

I wrote “myself is the key” because as I said, I’ve been under extreme duress. I need focus on deal with the conflict within before I think of dealing with other conflict. Because if I try to do too much in a situation like this, it can take me down the wrong path despite my intentions. I thank God for the timely message spoken over our church and to myself. I needed it as I go through the calm after the storm. It has given me a good reminder of where my fight is and that is to protect my faith. It has renewed my vigour and passion to wield the mighty sword God wants me to use.

I do have to ask. Keep the students of Harvest Bible College (including myself) in your prayers as the enemy is looking for ways to devour the people. It is because it is a ground that is nurturing the faith and knowledge of people with big dreams an hungry for God, so he wants to stop it while it’s small. It’s tough being a Christian, but worth it since we know God is with us! All part of the grand journey.


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