Exodus – Yawnfest into revelation

30 Sep

I was doing my daily reading last night and I have been digging into Exodus. I got to the Tabernacle aspects of Exodus which I got bored of two years ago and halted my Bible reading because of that. Knowing this, I began to read with intent; yet, I still got bored once again. Why did I need to read slabs of instructions about something that I will never build or see. Heck, I don’t even read many instructions when it comes to buying video games and such.

I was in this mindset, and just complained to God (smart move!) – “Why must I read this, it’s just so boring!”

I wanted to find some sort of application from these Scriptures. All of a sudden, as I shifted my focus back onto Exodus, God brought illumination instantly! It was incredible really, because I knew it was a ‘live communication’ with God.

He basically answered the following question in spades

What can we learn from the events of the creation of Tabernacle and its contents?

1. God provides for all

It was incredible how in the passages of Exodus where God first, asked Moses to build a specific sort of the Tabernacle. He told Moses to ask the people of Israel to bring their offerings to God, When all the offerings were brought to God, it was everything Moses and his people needed to build the Tabernacle, clothes, alter etc. that God wants to build. They were not one item over or one item short! If God asks something of you. He’ll provide with what you need

2.  God will call people up

It was awesome to see how God called people up, with the skills he provided to them through the Spirit, to take part in the development of the Tabernacle. He called up carpenters, scribes, craftsmen, Priests and so on. God knows the people you need to help you build the Vision that God has given you and others.

3. God demands a Spirit of Excellence

Reading the instructions, there were many details, specifics and mostly, the intent for the end result to be perfect, to be excellent. We read the words – sacred, pure, unblemished etc. God demands the best for He is Holy. Let us do whatever God calls us to do, with a spirit of excellence. Doing so, we will glorify God in the most effective way

4. Thank God for His Grace

Lastly, this thought came at the end. As I read through slabs of instructions, all the contingencies, and the need for it to be perfect and pure. I just stood back and said, ‘THANK GOD FOR YOUR GRACE’. If it wasn’t for God’s grace, then we would be having to follow all these laws, instructions and such with a small margin of error, to be pure and righteous in front of God. Thankfully, we have a grace that purifies us, that allows us to have a beautiful and intimate relationship with God!

Now I am glad that God opened my eyes and was able to give me something that was relevant to apply into my life when I read Exodus – The Bible is truly a living and breathing Word of God.


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