Snippet of the book

8 Oct

You ask, you receive,

Here is a small snippet of the book that I’ve been writing over the past year or so about my cancer battle. I would say I am 75-85% on my way through the first ever draft! Very exciting, so here is a small preview to get you excited, ramp up the interest so YOU can encourage ME to find the motivation to finish this book! Enjoy!

…..Before I entered my first hospital stay, I spoke over my life and wrote on Facebook, “I may be going through the toughest battle in my life but it is merely an obstacle in God’s plan.” These words brought comfort to me as I knew in the long term I was going to be ok, that because of the situation I am about to face, I will be strengthened in every aspect of my life and better than ever. The night before I was to be admitted to the hospital, I slept in my bed with my gorgeous dog, Maggie. Knowing that I was not going to be able to play around with my dogs for a few months minimum, due to chances of getting virus with a low immune system, I held her close to me and it was indeed the calm before the storm. The night was quiet, calm and peaceful. Maggie and I slept the night away, regardless of the immensity of the situation I was about to walk into. None of that mattered because I had God by my side, my family walking with me; my church, school and youth supporting and praying for me.

For the official start of my chemotherapy, I had a morning appointment with my doctor, Dr Tiedemann. She gave me the run down on what I was going to receive and some symptoms of chemo which included, no appetite and throwing up. All I could do was absorb everything she was saying, pray for the best and prepare for the worse.  The aim of the first dose of chemotherapy was to kill my blood cells and immunity in order to allow the bone marrow to eventually be eased into my system and create its own cells, otherwise my old cells will fight the ‘foreign’ bone marrow and have the body reject it. In other words, they were putting poison in my body to kill and destroy!

I was taken into my ward which consisted of two other patients. The first was a young girl, six years old in a three/four year old body due to a long battle with cancer and chemo. The most heart-wrenching fact was that she had lost one of her eyes due to a tumour behind it. It broke my heart to see a young girl have something we take for granted taken away at such a young age. I will never forget her blood-curdling screams every time she saw a medical staff member as she knew they were coming with needles or something that will cause a little pain and discomfort. In many ways, she was an inspiration to me. Having to deal with all this at such a young age and most likely going to prove naysayers wrong in the future, with her sickness and lack of sight, I prayed that in the midst of all this, she would find God when she grows up. I prayed that she would have a better future because she was being moulded in this tough situation. If she could survive all that, then being the older and stronger person, surely I can do it!


One Response to “Snippet of the book”

  1. Bao Yen October 12, 2013 at 11:49 am #

    James, I look forward to reading more than just the snippets, so blessed to hear this.

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