From the Ashes we rise

15 Nov

There’s been so much devastation that I’ve been hearing about and lately it’s been bearing on my mind about comprehending what is actually going on; and the damage caused.

I was supposed to be embarking on my Philippines missions trip but the typhoon disaster has demolished the heart of where we were going, Tacloban. However the trip being postponed is a mere speck of an issue of what is happening. Homes have been destroyed, junk lay waste across the land and lives have been lost. My former pastor and my best mate who are closely associated with the Tacloban people, heard that many of the youth there have either passed away or lost their families. That right there just hits me right in the heart.

On a different note, I just discovered that a fellow deaf man, whom I never got to meet but know many mutual friends, passed away through suicide because of bullying. Now he was just shy of turning 30. Tragedy is striking all around and reality is, there’s tragedy everywhere from car accidents, heart attacks, cancers suicides, disasters and murders. It sucks to live in a world like this and I can see exactly why people question God because all they can see is pain, hurt, hardships and trials (among the fun, joy and friendships).

This isn’t a mere depressing post. But a touching reminder to bring LIFE into the world you live in. We have one life on earth to impact, influence and encourage people for the better. We have one life to leave a positive legacy that will leave people smiling when they think of you and reflect. I want to leave that legacy for myself.

Encourage, uplift, urge, drive, smile, hug, empower and bring that life to people everywhere you go.

Another thing is in the midst of tragedy, hurt and pains; why don’t we turn to the ultimate source of love, peace, restoration, grace and mercy? Why don’t we move towards God?
God is the one that brings the value of living this life. God is the one that makes it all make sense.

So in the midst of all this tragedy, I shall look to God and we’ll rise out of the ashes and beyond.

Prayers are with the Philippines and to the family and friends of Tam Gillespie.


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