Fellowship for granted

3 Dec


One of my biggest pet peeve that occurs in this generation is people talking negatively about something, causing them to entirely miss the true value of said topic.

This generation has been exposed to amazing inventions and technology growing up. We’re saturated by gadgets, social media and instant demands supplied. It seems the accessibility of these has caused us to be more prone to being disappointed or negative because we don’t have the same understanding of hard work and values as the people back in the heyday.

The main reason this is being written is because I hear so many comments (sarcasm or not) on the likes of the line – “I hate people”.

I can understand people saying so, but I also don’t. People drive us nuts, criticize us, annoy us, bag us, hold us back or push our buttons. People are different, in their own world and have their own way of doing this. People can be the cause of bad experiences that damage our thoughts, relationships, dreams or self-esteem.

But what about the flip side?

I believe we often take fellowship for granted because all it takes is a text, a call, a Facebook message or a tweet to get instant contact to one another. We read our Facebook, Twitter timelines or scroll down our blogs and absorb (often pointless) information about what others are doing, thinking or going through. Due to this accessibility, we diminish the true value of fellowship; what it actually means to be connected to someone in some kind of relationship.

When I’m with people, there’s often a phone on their hand or the TV is on. During our conversations, there’s a call or text interrupting us, there’s a commercial or movie distracting us. Our presence is here but minds are someplace else; causing us to miss a grand opportunity to connect and grow in a relationship. Missing an opportunity to teach, challenge or inspire each other.

Perhaps the reason people state they hate people or underestimate the value of fellowship and connecting with one another is because they haven’t been fully invested in these opportunities.

Why is there value in fellowship? Everybody has their own life they lead, experience they’ve gone through and lessons they’ve learnt. We can all teach someone something and more importantly, learn a thing or two from everyone we speak to.

We have been helped or supported by many people, whether it’s out parents, extended family, friends, teachers, mentors, bosses, pastors or even strangers. You wouldn’t have made it where you are now without them (whether it’s a good or bad reason)

We all are made with a desire for company and fellowship. God created us to be around each other. Adam was alone and created Eve to be with him for it’s not good for man to be alone. Yet, we take it for granted.

Memories and good times are made with people we love in life.

So rather than complaining or being desensitized towards fellowship. Let’s bring something fresh to our relationships. Let’s reinforce the value of fellowship with the people we do life with. Put the phone down, turn the TV off and Laugh, smile, hug and share stories with others.

To end this, I want to say thank you to everyone who I have and do life with. You have blessed me and I can only pray that I have done so for you too. You have inspired, challenged, supported and made me the man I am today. I look forward to growing more as I encounter more people and create more memories with you.


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