Reinvigorating your Prayer Life

20 Dec


I have been inspired by the words of a fellow dynamic pastor/evangelist about the power and importance of prayer. All the words being written were inspired or spoken by this man as he planted the importance of prayer in my life. It has occupied my mind, bugged my thoughts and made me anticipate the power that I can bring into my life with God through prayer. (Not power for self-gain, but for God’s glory)

Here are the thoughts and scribbles on the topic of powerful prayer

Many Christians seem to neglect the power of prayer, limiting the influence of God in our life. Distractions occupy our minds or time, causing people to not pray. They can be busyness, doubt, anger at God, previous unanswered prayers, don’t value prayer, feels like a chore, social network, technology, or your brain is distracted/focused on other things (to name a few!)

However one needs to understand the value of prayer, because if we don’t realize the power, we won’t prioritize prayer in our spiritual life and relationship with God. We’re fighting a supernatural battle. You cannot fight a supernatural battle with natural weapons. Prayer is a supernatural weapon. Prayer is the supply line to the front-lines of battle. You cut the supply line, the soldiers don’t get what they need i.e ammunition, shields, food, water, medicine etc. You cut that off, chances are you’re fighting a losing battle.

The disciples always prayed first before they traveled, preached or conducted the ministry of Jesus in towns because they knew they needed the supernatural power of God to be with them. Luke 11:1 – One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”  In a time where people value preaching over prayer, we need to rediscover the importance and power of prayer. If we don’t pray, our preaching and words are ineffective. Jesus prayed at least twice as more than he preached. The disciples asked to be taught how to pray and not preach because prayer is the foundation of everything we do, prayer is the source of everything we need.

Prayer is crucial because, as a supernatural weapon, it allows us to be better equipped in this world to do amazing things for the glory of God in this battle. It brings growth, empowerment and it strengthens your relationship with God because you communicating with Him, thus enhancing your conviction and belief.

Prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. It’s a two way street, you speak and you listen; God speaks and God listens.

We need to inhale and exhale. If we only do one and not the other, we’re in trouble. Same goes for prayer, we need to speak and listen.

Identify the distractions that stop you from praying – lack of time, technology, social network, bed etc. and remove those distractions. Create time for prayer, create time for God.

How do we build our prayer life?

1. Start Praying – at first it may seem mechanical and clunky; like driving a manual car at first. But soon you will get the gist of it as you build your inner spirit and it becomes natural as you flow words of prayer. In other words, stick at it. Prayer is a skill you learn, a skill that you build capacity in as you keep praying.

2. If you need a starting point – think of a theme or topic and pray about it. i.e. family, work, certain issues, relationships, society, pastors etc. Something that you want God to speak into over your life.

3. Create the foundation and build from there. There are many ‘structures’ that you can build your foundation from (Although prayer should not be limited to those structures but be built upon) There’s ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. Building your prayer from adoring God and being saturated in his presence, Confessing or repenting your sins; small or big, thanking God for the blessings, breakthrough and/or overcoming trials and lastly supplication, asking God for things, help and such. There’s PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens which is self explained.

4. Let your prayer life take a life of its own. Pray the way you pray. Everyone has a unique way of praying and that’s what makes it incredible. Some people need to go to a quiet place and be saturated in His presence, some need to use a journal to invite the presence of God, some need to scream, jump and shout! Whatever prayer brings out in you, go with the flow and watch it grow into a powerful aspect of your spiritual life.

Don’t wait till your back is against the wall for you to start turning to God and pray. PRAY NOW, build up that prayer life and witness God’s presence, supernatural gifts, breakthrough, miracles overwhelm and transform your life!

PHWOAH!!! How’s that for a mouthful?? I’m encouraged and inspired by the words spoken by this man and I pray (pun intended) that it will reinvigorate, strengthen, empower, extend and deepen my prayer life with God!


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