The Incredible Year of 2013!

25 Dec

Man, 2013 was an incredible year; mainly because it was a trying year, a year of struggles. But through those struggles, opportunities arose, growth was witnessed and progress was made. At New Years, I messaged a bunch of people to say that 2013 was a year of “Moving Forward”, especially after being on a Plateau in 2012. I truly believe that 2013 was the first step in moving forward and that 2014 will be the year of building upon the foundation set.

2013 was a struggle because I was hit with many circumstances personally. People wouldn’t see things happening because it was all internal; my heart, soul and mind. It was a struggle in pushing through with my responsibilities while things inside were reeling from doubt, anxiety, stress. Above all of it, not knowing why I was being impacted so much by something unknown. It was wearing me down, making it harder for me to express, share the joy and enthusiasm that lies within me. Despite that being the main ‘enemy’ of my year. I was able to grow stronger and overcome certain obstacles in 2013 to build opportunities. One thing I am really excited about is – I have taught myself something lacked in spite of all that happened. I taught myself self-discipline. Discipline to do things continuously no matter what happens or how I feel. The two main things Discipline will help me in 2014 is Bible Reading and hitting up the gym; Spiritually and Physically. There is no better combination!

I had began my first year of Harvest Bible College, doing a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (which I set out to do when I was 14 years old). It’s an incredible feeling to have knocked out the first year, and learning on the go how to conduct myself in University and its study after a Gap year. I met many great people; students and teachers alike, that have challenged, encouraged and taught me throughout this year. It has been the most amazing experience this year and I look forward to knocking out the next two years.

I decided to take a step of faith and commit to the Philippines Trip despite not having access to the finances. As one of the biggest challenges this year, God told me to fundraiser. Being ‘Keen As’, I wanted to do something GREAT and decided to do a “Thank God You’re Here” Fundraiser. The planning process was smack bang when I was dealing with the internal issues and it was STRESSFUL and hard to overcome the issues that arose in planning the fundraiser; so hard to the point I gave up, but with the support of family, I pushed through and SUCCESSFULLY ran the Fundraiser that blew people away thanks to the support of “Baker’s Dozen Theatre Company”, Jimmy Day, my family and the friends who attended and enjoyed the night! I was able to raise the funds for my Philippines Trip, especially with the blessings given by my father to make up for the rest of the fees. As most of you know, disaster struck Tacloban (which is the very place we were planned spending time the most for the trip), However, they are rebuilding right now and I’ll be locked and loaded to go in 2014 and see how far they have come from the Typhoon.

Empire Youth has been a testing time for me and a invaluable one. We have seen great new faces come into Empire East and building relationships with God and People. We have seen the Kingdom Culture being built throughout the year and it’s incredible seeing the foundation built in the youth. It’s been a huge learning curve for me as a leader, team member, Christian and person. I know with that, I am launching a high pad for next year and beyond! Empire East will EXPLODE next year!

Sport continues to be my best buddy! Basketball has been the best distraction and passion. I went from 1 game per week to 3 and sometimes 4 per week which is a huge jump. One that has led to my body gaining injuries in foot and leg. But I kept playing because it’s a passion that cannot be curbed. I have now lost 2 more Grand Finals in 2013, which is making me more hungry and determined to bounce back and win the Grand Final. Basketball continues to bring me joy and better yet, teach me lessons. The main lesson was practice and discipline. I began to go into a slump and played horrible ball for weeks. It wore on me and I hated letting down my teammates. I knew I had to go back to closed doors and practice. I needed to instill discipline that I lacked and push myself to new limits. I began to shoot hoops, focusing on my stroke, did ball handling, focusing on my control and other aspects. I have already seen major strides in my game and am looking forward to pushing myself further; especially to get a hand on that premiership cup!

It was exciting in 2013, to finally witness my beloved Richmond Tigers play a Finals game, despite the earth shattering feeling that came after seeing them lose. There was incredible joy in seeing them grow, develop and win. I am very excited to be a Tigers Fan this year and beyond!!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the people I did life with in 2013 no matter how brief or huge the encounter/s were. You have played a part in blessing my life and I can only pray that I have returned that favour! Thank you to my family, Harvest Bible College, Enjoy Church, Empire Youth, Dandenong Basketball, and my best friends that continue to bless my life.

As I said 2013 was a year of moving forward, 2014 will be an extension of that but more so building the upon the foundation. Opportunities and blessings will come along my way that will tip my life upside down for a good reason. I am incredibly excited to make major strides into many things I have been praying and waiting for. God is GOOD!

Bring it 2014!


One Response to “The Incredible Year of 2013!”

  1. Gabriel December 26, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    Thanks for your friendship and support this year bro!

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