Insecurities Forgotten Through Love

2 Jan


Over the past year, I’ve been bombarded with stories and statements of insecurities, especially in the past few days. It’s not a negative thing but shows they have been confiding in me. However, it sucks because you get to see the person more vulnerable than ever; exposed to danger of embarrassment or fear. You see a whole new light to them. The incredible thing is you get the revelation that we are all the same deep down. We all have fears and insecurities. Hearing all these stories have pained my heart, caused me to empathize with them. Above all, it’s given me the revelation that EVERYONE needs love. It is so crucial that we show love to people because we do not know their background, their experiences, fears or insecurities.

Love hurts, yet it is the greatest to give.

I’m so blessed to have encountered the greatest love of all – God. I am even more bless to be able to show that love to many people who find joy in my presence and life because their insecurities and fears are forgotten; even if it’s for a moment.

…this is the greatest gift to provide for someone.


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