Get Real or Die Tryin’

19 Jan


God has been putting a certain statement on my heart – “Be Real

In order to understand what kind of question this is; we need to put it within context. God has been challenging me in asking me how real I am in each of my environments. How real am I in church? How real am I with my family? How real am I with myself? (and so on).

By defining real – it is not pretending to be someone other than yourself, it is being a human being with struggles, weaknesses and flaws; yet looking to their blessings, strengths and character traits.

We’re not called to be Barbie and Ken dolls, we’re not wired to be like a Stepford Wife, or a photoshopped model and so on. We are called to be real people with real problems.

I’m not saying that we should all go around telling everybody our problems and concerns. There’s a time and place for everything. But are you pretending to be perfect, having it all together, giving off a sense of arrogance and pride while flashing a fake smile? (especially when inside you are crumbling).

The reason why this question is on my heart is I feel there needs to be a sense of reality back in place. Especially as Christians, in church and at home. Churches and Christians (This is by no means directed to anyone or any church) can fall in the trap of needing to be ultimately positive, which I’m all for, but this atmosphere seems to eradicate the need to expose our shortcomings in church where we are meant to be encountering God for restoration and grace. We need to move beyond our high fives and shallow ‘how are you’ conversations to encouraging someone, to confiding in someone, to picking someone up and building them up once again. Church cannot be a place of superficial Christians, putting on the best but fake display of themselves, parading as people who have it all together and don’t need anything else. Church needs to be a place of hungry Christians, yearning for more of God and each other.

It has been made harder with the ever-increasing uses of social media. We catch a glimpse of people’s lives through what they post – whether it’s statuses, photos or whatnot. This can often cause the idea that someone’s life is more fun, crazier, entertaining than yours, that they have more friends and attend more social events than you; causing you to feel a little more lonely, thus isolating yourself from them due to lack of self worth. (I rather have a very private life that develops a relationship with God. instead of a very public life that causes people to THINK I am developing a relationship with God but actually isn’t).

This post is to serve as a reminder for me that God wants me to be real with myself, with people and most of all, real with Him (This may serve as a reminder to you too). God wants me to be able to go to Him and share my deepest concern, my biggest worry, my largest doubt and to pray for my sins/weaknesses that have caused me to stumble. We are not called to be perfect Christians but we are called to be righteous Christians and that’s where we become real. Righteous is where we try to do our best for God because of the Grace He has given us. It is in the trying that matters; and that’s when God sees your heart is in the right place. It’s in the trying where we overcome adversity, weaknesses and struggles. That is what inspires others to be greater than themselves; even more than a thousand fake smiles would do.

One of the greatest things I’ve known to have gained in life, is the fellowship of certain brothers and sisters. They are the ones who have been able to be real with me, and allowed me to be real with them. In doing so, we have made ourselves more vulnerable yet given each other the opportunity to strengthen each other in the biggest way possible. I know that I can trust these people, that they are genuine with their relationship with God and with me. This is the greatest gift you can give and also receive. I want to see more people being real with God and real with people because this allows people (Christians) to realize that we all struggle at times, we all have made mistakes yet we are all saved by God’s grace and TRYING to make the most of it.

What is one way to know if we are being real? Here it is!

“Does your private and public life align with each other?”

Are you the same person in public and in private times or do you say one thing and do another? Do you follow through with what you say? Can people trust your every word and action? Are you genuine in your words and actions? Above all, are you real and honest with yourself, others and God?

Get real or Die Tryin’


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