Stepping Out

8 Feb


Stepping out of our comfort zone is so challenging; we become daunted and intimidate by this situation because there’s a sense of unknown and fear that cripples us. However, when we don’t step out, we miss out on opportunities, chance for growth, doorways opening in our lives. God wants us to step out as Christians; with a bold, Christ-like faith. When we step out, we end up in places we never thought we would be in through God’s Grace and Favour.

My dream from God involves pastoring, evangelism and having a prophetic gift. As I speak of the prophetic gift; God has been equipping and training me by giving me prophecies for myself. So that I can see it come to pass in my life, thus increasing my faith and trust in what God is telling me. A perfect example was when I was 12 years old, God said “I will have a life-inspiring story, that will change people’s lives” (Word for word) and five years later, I was diagnosed with cancer, which I have successfully conquered through God’s strength and has become an incredible testimony that will be spoken throughout my life. There are many little things that God has revealed to me before they came to pass. I began to realise the power of the prophecies and trust that what I would receive from God will be true.

The next step was to give other people prophecies which is a huge step up from what I was doing. I remember my first opportunity; I was looking around at Church one Sunday and a woman caught my attention for an unknown reason. She was so attentive to what was being shared by the pastor. She had a notebook and Bible opened, with glasses and holding a pen, furiously scribbling down notes and holding onto every word. Then God urged me to share her a simple message; something along the lines of something big will happen to her very soon. But I refused because it was out of my comfort zone. God was happy to let that one slide but told me to remember what he said. Two weeks later, that same woman ended up engaged and is married now. I began to wish that I had mentioned something; but looking back, I believe God never intended me to say anything to her but know that it would come to pass, continuing to build the faith in his gifting for me.

Soon after, I had another Harvest Bible College Camp. It was incredible because it was room chock full of aspiring pastors, evangelist, prophets, church planters, worship leaders, missionaries on fire for God and gaining revelations, breakthrough; whilst celebrating our Great God! During the night, we had night rallies where we worship, hear a message and have a radical prayer session. During one of the nights, I was standing behind a person being prayed for, in case I needed to catch her if she fell (due to the overwhelming of the Holy Spirit. All of a sudden, God decides to tune in and I quickly tried to reject God from making me step out of my comfort zone and share a prophetic message to the woman which was far more greater and specific to what my first opportunity was. I took off and went straight to the bathroom to hide. All I had in my head was NO NO NO NO GOD I WON’T DO IT! NO NO! Then God began to convince (bribe) me. He said “James, before the night started, you said that you wanted me to give you something for yourself tonight, I will do that as soon as you speak to this woman.” With that carrot dangling in front of me. I walked down the center of the room, stomping like a stubborn kid. I saw her sitting down, face planted deeply in her Bible. I went back to God and said “She’s having time with you God, I don’t want to interrupt” to which God sternly hushed “Yes, she’s spending time with me and you’re part of that time! DO IT”. So I sat down and introduced myself to her. I began to panic but then trusted my instinct. I spoke what was on my heart from God and she gave me a shriveled look to which made me doubt for a moment! She slowly said “…so spot on!” I was taken aback! Marveling at what God had actually caused me to do, I did a quick mini dance in my mind and I was ecstatic that I had taken another step in developing the prophetic gift despite it being out of my comfort zone; and God did indeed keep his promise and gave me my own revelation straight after.

The lesson in this story is – Hold onto everything that God is saying to you and STEP OUT when God calls you out!!

This is my paraphrase of Acts 28:31 – “Proclaim the Kingdom of God. Teach and share about the Lord Jesus Christ – with boldness and no hindrance!”

Pray that this will encourage you to step out and into what God is calling you to do, it is not easy but it is an incredible ride!


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