Transference of Knowledge and Wisdom

11 Feb


We live in a world with an abundance of knowledge. We have access to millions of books, websites and classes. The greatest source of knowledge comes from those who wrote those books, websites or run the classes; People.

One thing God has been teaching me as a Christian, is to have an attitude of learning throughout all my life. Especially learning about him; rather than walking around thinking I know everything and I have it all under control. It humbles me, knowing that I haven’t even scratched the surface with my knowledge of God and that’s what fascinates me about being a follower of Christ. There’s an incredible depth about the wisdom and knowledge of God which we cannot begin to fathom. That concept alone blows my mind. It enables God to be fresh in my eyes by learning something new each time I encounter Him, each time I work through a difficult situation.

We need to ensure that we have a proactive attitude to learn about God, especially through people. There have been an unlimited amount of sermons preached, stories shared, testimonies lived and interpretations derived from people through Bible Reading and life experiences. This opens up a whole new world for us to explore.

One thought I’ve had recently is – “The greatest thing I can do for one another is teach, the greatest thing I can do for myself is learn.” I have so much to offer through my personal life experiences and lessons, while the people in the world have so much to offer me. I was astounded at the thought of how we are all really in the same situation. I’m currently learning from a mentor and I believe he knows everything because he has incredible answers for my questions while I know nothing currently. Yet someone was learning about the same topic from me, he probably thinks I know everything and he knows nothing. It’s an amazing cycle.

Thinking about this, we should look to learn about what others believe, because everyone will have at least one different idea to a certain topic in their theology. Even if they go to the same church, listen to the same pastors and believe in the same God; everyone will have at least one differing idea, sometimes you may have to dig very deep. This creates the opportunity to learn about why people believe certain things, whether it’s about salvation, faith, heaven or worldly issues of alcohol, drugs, divorce, violence, racism and so on.

However, one thing that breaks the interest of learning is you casting your conviction on someone else. Do not cast your conviction on someone else (Repeated for emphasis). There is nothing that turns a person off than someone telling you that there is only what they believe and that’s what you must believe, especially if you are aggressive, or use demeaning words towards them. You’ll never ever impact someone or change someone’s mind whose intention is to change yours. The only chance of something happening is if there was some crazy divine influence happening at the same moment.  Also, if you have a refusal to listen and enforce your opinion/belief on someone, it speaks volumes on the source of your learning and your vulnerability with that knowledge. Be open-minded, show your convictions through your love and allow your actions and life to prove that your philosophy in life or theology of God is allowing you to flourish and be blessed. That’s when people will know you are confident and convicted with your wisdom and beliefs about God, they will look to ask you what you know. When you do get that opportunity, speak with love and gentleness

2 Timothy 2:25 (NIV) – “Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of truth”

So share, explain, listen and learn (Agree to disagree if you have to.) When you learn from others, you’ll either strengthen your own convictions or expand your knowledge of God. That is a win-win situation for me. Obviously we have to be careful and wary about what we accept as our beliefs. If you struggle, the best thing to do is go back to the Bible as the Bible is the foundation our beliefs are to align to.

I was in a situation of learning and sharing my beliefs with a good friend of mine who is a Jehovah Witness, we had a gentle back and forth conversation about whether the Holy Spirit is a person or a force. What bothered me was she was so convicted and I was shaky about my points. I felt exposed and it was that moment that I needed more knowledge of the Holy Spirit in my life. It was because we both opened up about our belief that motivated me to go away and learn what I could so I was able to be convicted. The next few months radically changed my life as the Holy Spirit was revealed to me through Bible Reading, Prayer and spending time with God. It was incredible seeing all the knowledge and revelations unravel before my eyes. That was the first instance where I discovered the true joy of learning more about God and I have been on a crazy journey since. I love sharing wisdom and knowledge but I love learning about other people’s knowledge and wisdom because they are so different and I gain a fresh perspective.

The main points I want to convey in this post are to have a heart of learning and don’t cast your convictions on one another, but share.


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