14 May



First of all, if you want to know the song that inspires me every time I hear it, you can listen to it with lyrics on here – The song is called “Devotion” by Hillsong; and it’s an incredibly moving song that touches me every time.


There seems to be many people wondering why God isn’t moving in their lives, why God isn’t more evident in our world. Personally, I believe it’s because we don’t have enough people devoted to God (cue the shock and horror). Here’s my reasoning, we live in a world that is distracted from God, a world where so many things demand our time and attention. I am a target to this plague myself. There are more hours demanded at work, school and family. Technology capturing our eyes through media, movies, smart phones, social media. Leisure such as going to footy games, cinemas, going on picnics and such. I am not saying this is all bad; but we do not devote enough time and attention to God. Less and less people are spending even less time to pick up their Bibles, to pray, to worship or to encounter God. We need to stop being busy and start being busy with purpose

I spoke to a friend of mine who was feeling the stress of everyday life, we had a great conversation and busy busy busy was the word that kept popping up. The question I felt prompted to ask was – “When was the last time you picked up and read your Bible?” He replied that it was a long time. Now that man is in the process of devoting himself to that time with God; since then, I have already seen little results from that and it’s only been a few weeks. When we give space to God for Him to work with, he can change us so radically and empower us to greater levels.

Romans 10:17 – So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ

We need to stop looking externally and wondering why God is not doing anything, but look internally and work out what we can do to allow God to do things within us. When we grasp that concept and put spiritual disciplines in place by making time and room for God. He will not let you down. We need to make time where it is just God wholly. No distractions but an unoccupied mind that will allow God to speak to you.

Another ‘challenge’ we face in our world and christian life, is we are so used to instant demands met and instant gratification. Whereas God speaks of being patient, sticking through the process, waiting on Him, quiet moments and all those words that are the opposite of what we are used to. However, this is how God gets the best out of us. This is how we can get the best out of ourselves. We need to make the conscious decision to devote ourselves to God, to devote time with Him, in prayer, worship, in His Presence; also need to be aware that we need to keep within the process before we see God working in us.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Now, the word ‘Devotion’ can have some very spiritual connotations; such as completely dropping everything, shaving your head and becoming a monk and praying at the monastery seven times a day. I’m not talking about that. When people talk about God’s purposes for your life; it doesn’t necessarily mean to become a pastor, a missionary, an evangelist or even a monk! It simply means God’s purposes for you. God can use many people and tools to outwork His presence in your everyday life. It is about you devoting your time to God, allowing Him to speak his dreams and purpose for you and acting on that. God intentionally places people in their workforce, churches, schools, past-times and around family/friends to outwork His calling for you.

Stop wondering why God isn’t doing anything, and give him something to work with.

Make the conscious decision to devote yourself to God, make an effort to create time and space for God to work with, learn of His heart for you and watch Him transform your life, and others in the process!


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