24 May


In our everyday life, we get so used to our routines, familiar with our surroundings; that we can often forget how valuable and incredible everything is around us. 

Let’s think of a few examples

Photography – Don’t you find it incredibly amazing that we can take photos. Think of the concept, there’s a flash and all of a sudden, we have captured a moment forever. The moment is tangible in our hands. How strange is it, that a flash, can capture a moment in reality? It’s just fascinating, yet we walk around now, with nearly a camera in our pockets on phones or around our necks with digital cameras. It’s really amazing when you think of the concept of a photo.

Cars – They are incredible inventions and they are rapidly innovated. From gears, engines, lights, petrol, brakes, acceleration, horns, music/radio to safety systems. It’s pure wonder how we can now move around 60km-100km per hour in beautiful, stylish cars. Yet, we drive around like we’re used to it all.

Internet – This is such an astounding concept. If I had to explain this concept and idea to a person who does not know of it, I would struggle. How on earth did someone fathom and create the idea of being able to create websites and have it appear on any computer in that world…that types the link for it. We can see videos, articles, social media pages all on a digital, streamlined, wireless connection. Yet, we used it like it’s nothing, but a common need of our everyday life.

Technology has brought wonder into our world. Electricity has provided us with many joys. Lights, TV, Sound Systems, Computers, Kitchen Appliances, Phone and so much more. 

Inventors, Innovators and artists have shaped our society. There’s a huge amount of gratitude for these people who took the time to create a vision of something that hasn’t been made, or needs to be improved on; and then step out to create what they dreamed of, or close to it. There’s astonishing skill, talent and patience that comes with these ideas. Yet, we act as if it’s all simple. It’s only a flick of a switch that turns on all the lights, it’s only a turn of a tap that brings water, it’s a press of a button that brings television in our living rooms. 

This post has been a long build up to my biggest point. The theme is comprehension. When we truly think about all the examples I’ve shared and how stunning the true value and arrangement these creations have. Sometimes, we don’t fully comprehend who God really is in our lives. We get so caught up in our lives that runs in the fast line, that we never seem to take a step back and take a moment to comprehend who our amazing God is and what he has done. I certainly know if we did this more often, more people would be radically transformed. God is the source of the greatest love we need, yet we look elsewhere. God has made the greatest sacrifice for us, yet we are too busy in our petty lives that we don’t recognize it. God has the most amazing plans, dreams, and hope for us, yet we act as if we have it better without him.

There is a bit of a paradox here because truly, we can never completely comprehend the fullness of God, the extent of his love but we can grasp the concept of it and allow God to take us on His journey and be transformed.

Psalm 147:5 – Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.

Take a moment to comprehend the concept, to put it all into perspective, and I know that there will be radical change!

How great is our God?!


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