21 Lessons I Live By

29 Jul

21 Lessons



For my 21st Celebration Speech, I shared ’21 lessons I live by’ at the end of the speech (after the thanksgiving, special mentions and such) because I like to be deep and philosophical! Here are the 21 Lessons shared and in depth as to why I adopt these pearls of wisdom. Enjoy!


21 Lessons I live by (in no particular order)

1. Never Assume

It’s so easy to jump to conclusions, especially wrong ones. This clouds our judgement and perspective. Ask, clarify and listen to the truth/facts rather than gossip

2. Always teach, and remain teachable

Teaching is a huge cycle, information gets passed down and people add their own twist, insights and teachings to it. It is crucial that we are always learning for it keeps our mind sharp and our revelations fresh. It is important that we also teach others when we are given an opportunity to do so because more substance is added to it.

3. The older you get, the smaller but stronger support group you need

It’s so easy to know so many people when you’re in a small school or church, but I learnt that it is more crucial, that when we are out in this vast world, we need stronger support to push us further.

4. Surrender to God daily

This has been my biggest challenge but when I do, the moments where all the blessings come. It’s so easy to deal with situations yourself (or try to) and push God off. Making a conscious decision to surrender allows us to put God first and readjusts our focus every single day; creating a humble heart and allowing God to move.

5. Follow your heart and ambitions

It is heard that doing what you love is the greatest joy you’ll find in work. I also believe that it allows us to do the work that God has called us to do because he has given us a passion, joy and love to do this. When we divert from this for means of external pressure, money and such, chances are we will struggle or find unsatisfaction

6. Give your life balance

Too much of one thing, causes unbalance and neglect of other areas. Create variety and balance in your life so you are not pouring all your energy in one area. As people say, moderation is key.

7. If you want something, go for it

Desire is a strong sense, but sometimes you have to go out of your way to get it yourself. Not everything (if anything) is handed to you. You’ll need to work for it. If you do so, the benefit is you’ll appreciate it more.

8. In everything you do and achieve, remain humble

This is definitely hard at times. I find myself being cocky when I gain success in one area. Being humble is an infallible character trait as no one can knock it.

9. You are always in a position of influence

Whether you are at the top or the bottom, whether you feel valued or unvalued; you are in a position of influence. Your words have power, your actions have power. What influence are you spreading?

10. Treat everything as a privilege, not a right

When we treat something as a privilege, we value it. we respect it, and we work for it. When something is thought of as a right, we can undermine the privilege of having it. It puts a perspective of work ethic in place; that we need to work for these things.

11. Always work on building yourself – whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually

We all have flaws, issues, problems and situations that we face. This shouldn’t stop us from building or ‘fixing’ them up. We can adjust those flaws or strengthen ourselves everyday. Let’s be honest, we all always have something we can work on!

12. Don’t make promises when you’re happy and decisions when you’re upset

High ended promises can be broken easily when not thought through, and expectations not met. Decisions often need to be made with a clear and logical thought, rather than emotions that cannot always been trusted. I want to be a man of my word and others too.

13. Embrace a dream bigger than you

If we are dreaming of something we know we can achieve, we are not dreaming big enough. We are not being challenged or allowing ourselves to move beyond more than we can imagine. After all. we serve an even bigger God

14. Everybody has their own situation or battle, you are not the only one with a problem, help one another

This has been a great revelation for me that repeatedly comes to my mind. I have personal problems that I face, but I know I’m not alone. It puts everything into perspective. That others need my support and I need support of others. Creating this culture will allow people to be aware of others, rather than being so absorbed in a personal situation and feeling isolated. No one stands alone

15. If you want something, ask

People often drop hints, or stand around till a person works out that they want something. When it doesn’t happen, they get mad. There’s a nice element in life called communication, yet we neglect it. Of course there is a time to keep your mouth shut, but there is a time to ask.

16. Poke some fun at yourself

Don’t be so uptight, have some fun. Don’t get so offended about specific jokes and poke fun at yourself (Unless you have serious reasons to do so obviously). People feel more comfortable around someone that is comfortable enough in their own skin to be able to laugh at themselves and be embarrassed at time. It oozes confidence.

17. Embrace your flaws but don’t accept their limitations

Blemishes, disabilities, characteristics can displays flaws and limit your impact in specific areas. But that doesn’t mean you are doomed to those limits. Look for ways to adjust, adapt and overcome! Great stories come from these roots.

18. The best relationships are the ones worth the pain

Straight up – People will always fail you somehow and you’ll always fail them somehow. The best relationships come through pushing those those annoying moments and putting in more than you take. Best relationships are the ones where you overcome issues between one another and grow with each other

19. Trials are the best moments in life because you know you’re gonna get something out of it.

This is like straight out of the book of James in the Bible which I was named after (Sharing some similarities there haha) We all need challenges and obstacles to help us grow, even though they are horrible to endure. There is no chance that you will not get something out of a challenge or trial you face in life. These situations chisel, develop, sharpen and display characteristics or convictions we hold in life.

20. Your life is not a beginning and an end, it’s the greatest journey we will ever have on Earth

Simply put. Our life is our life, we get out what we put in.

21. Never miss out on an opportunity to smile or laugh

The world needs it!


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