World Religions

17 Aug

World Religions


A month or so ago, I elected to study the class – “World Religions and Belief Systems”, because I have always had this curiosity to learn about other religions. I wanted to know their beliefs, the causes to believe it and what the benefits are in believing in what the religion brings to one’s life. I knew that it would enhance my knowledge and enable me to think deeply about why I believe in my God. Some Christians may ‘forbid’ you to not look at other teachings for it may convert you but I don’t think we need to hold that fear if we believe we have truly discovered God. It certainly had a profound, positive impact on me and my relationship with God

It was absolutely fascinating to be able to study and write essays on those religions – namely Islam, Buddhism and Taoism; along with attending a Buddhist ceremony. Certain beliefs that I came across, I found enlightening. I believe it wasn’t the actual belief that caught my attention, but the reason people believe. It all came down to core needs and desires of a human being. Desires such as – wanting to be free, live in a peaceful world. Needs such as significance, love, provision and security. 

As I studied these beliefs and the actions of people, I became far more convicted in my own beliefs and I learnt so much for the other religions. I believe we, as Christians, can learn certain things from other religions that we have neglected in our Christian walk/fellowship. I learnt about meditation and discipline in Buddhism/Taoism. Buddhist meditate daily to transform their mind in the way their teachings have told them to. They meditate to strengthen their inner being and spiritual selves. They discipline themselves by not indulging in things that can distract their hearts and mind from finding the peace in themselves. Sometimes as Christians, we don’t discipline ourselves; we also definitely do not meditate on God’s Word as much as Christians in history used to (thanks to distraction of technology and the fast-paced society we live in). Biblical illiteracy continues to climb as each generation passes through, the gap between convicted Christians and easily-swayed Christians continue to widen.

I learnt about the impact of the need for families to teach, correct and love their children through the word of God through Islam. They have different teachings to Christianity but these Islamic families have strong influence in teaching their children and equipping them in their religion; thus raising up a convicted generation. The children grow up saturated by Islam teachings and develop their own passion and faith for their religion. These families ooze passion when speaking of their God and they don’t let anything else sway their families and beliefs. With that in mind, we need more families developing a strong unity with very Christ at the center. There are so many broken families, increasing the need for families to rely on Christ as their provider, teacher and guide. Parents have an important role, along with the church in equipping children to become faith-filled, influential and passionate followers that the world needs. If we have a purpose within our relationship in Christ, then doesn’t it become far easier to raise up children who discover God and build their own faith through the foundation that their families have set. Passion and support is needed to build strong faith in others.

There are so many things I’ve learnt that other religions value and emphasize – honor, peace, love, integrity, respect, passion, time, discipline and so on. What values do we hold in our relationship with God and what values do we neglect?

Don’t be afraid to be curious and seek God.

A thinking person is an influential person, a thinking Christian is a more convicted and influential person. 


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