Romance with God

1 Sep

Man and sunset

There is a statement that I love to mention, it gets very interesting responses. When talking about the love of God, the story of what God has done for us, the impact that God has in our lives, I refer it to the fact that “there is a sense of romance about doing life with God.” The most annoying response I get when I mention this is the awkward laugh or stare as if it’s wrong for me to say it. I’m pretty sure is that when people hear the term ‘romance’, only one thing comes to mind, and it may have crossed your mind now. 

As a hopeless romantic, I get fussed when people think it. It’s such an incredible limitation to what the concept of romance brings, especially romance with God!

I wanted to share why I use this saying to put forward an incredible thought to you! There’s a romance about doing life with God because it is greatest love ever shown and ever seen. God, the infinite being who created all things actually came down to earth to endure human life. While enduring human life, Jesus embodied the love of God, he transformed the lives around Him and initiated fellowship and unity. It doesn’t stop there. It resulted in Jesus laying down his own life for us, which is called the greatest act of love one can ever display. 

The action, of God coming to earth, shows that God is an intimate God, rather than one who is distant. There is beauty in this idea. 

God wants to bring the satisfaction, fulfillment of walking us into our dream, vision and plan that is perfectly tailored to our passion, gifts and strength. God loves us so much, that he wants to build us up into the masterpiece, wants to sharpen, strengthen us as we walk in his love and presence.

God wants to share the secrets, mysteries that he holds. God wants us to have the choice to seek and chase him! It allows God and us to move towards each other.

I truly believe that it is impossible to fathom the full extent of the incredibility of this notion. But we can appreciate the romance of this. After all, romance is an art form and God is an artist

Therefore, there is a sense of romance about doing life with God 


1 John 4:8 – ‘Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love’

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