Stand up to Fear with Faith

10 Dec

fear or faith

Fear is such an powerful word that holds so much weight in this world. There are countless different fears, in all shapes and sizes. Yet, it is the most common theme that holds someone back. The word ‘fear’ has been prominent in my thoughts as I’ve reflected. I’ve heard people preaching messages of living a full life, a bold life, purpose over preference; all these have a common underlying theme that draws us away from these great things – fear.

This is not a post to make you feel warm and happy, providing you with a simple answer to reach all you need to do in life; but rather, something to build awareness – where is fear in your life? Better yet, where is faith in your life?

We all have fear/s that can most certainly hold us back from living a greater dream/lifestyle. It could be fear of taking risks, not being good enough, not capable enough. Full of ‘not enoughs’ and ‘what ifs’, all these things cause people to shrink back from everything that is in store for one.

It is something that affects every single person in at least one moment in life. The best thing to know is every single person also has access to faith. Faith in the God who never fails to deliver. A true measure of your faith in Christ is to see how much fear you feel. Is your faith and trust in God, or is it drowned out by your fear?

One of my favourite quotes is – “There is no courage without fear”

Just so relevant in life. We will never get anywhere by hiding from fear but rather by being bold and standing up to them. In the lyrics of ‘Break Me Down’ by CCC is – “You took my fears and made them the strength of me”

It is due to God being the center of my dream that I actually get fearful sometimes; because it is such a huge dream, bigger than I am capable of, but by standing up to my fear, placing my faith and holding my trust in God; I shall push through and go places I have never dreamed of; because through God I have the strength and through my own, I have nothing

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

What are you fearful of and is it holding you back? An awareness of this can provide us with the firepower to overcome it. Amen!


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