Spiritually Rich

28 Dec

Spiritually Rich

There is a reason why I say to people that I did not see lack in my Philippines Missions Trip. Sure! They may have not had the biggest houses, flashiest cars, largest wardrobes or the most money…but they were spiritually rich. The Filipinos I met in the New Life Church led lives devoted to God, they found everything they need in Him.

It’s given me insight to further firmly believe that God is our ultimate source of hope, security and provision. I’ve heard a friend say “I envy them in a way, cause even though they don’t have much, they rely on God more”. It’s like a one or the other deal breaker – be materially rich and spiritually poor; or be materially poor and spiritually rich.

The more I thought about this, the more I wondered if we could have both? I am blessed to be born in a country of Australia where there is abundance of many things. I am even more blessed to be a child of God. Is there a chance that I can be spiritually rich in a place of abundance? I think I can and I certainly believe I am on the right track.

Philippians 3:8 – “Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ”

How am I allowing myself to be spiritually rich?

1. Spending Time With God

Spending Time with God is so key and one that many people neglect. Because in a place of abundance, we can get so caught up in being busy for the sake of being busy and spending time with God is the first thing we drop. We can also be distracted by unnecessary technology – TV, Movies, Video Games, Phones. I have had to look within in order to see what I waste my time on and how it stops me spending time with God. It is crucial we understand the value of spending time with Him and how it can truly transform our lives. Spending time with Him includes Bible Meditation, Prayer, Worshiping. These things allow God to be greater in our lives and feed up spiritually

2. Spending Time with God’s People

It’s not enough to just spend time with God. There is so much power in spending time in fellowship with other Christians. When we are planted in the House of God and spending time with others who are planted, there is infinite encouragement and impact that happens in this environment. People build, strengthen and elevate each other. As one helps another spiritually, it creates a spiritually rich environment that allows people to witness God in action

3. Putting God in the Driver’s Seat

Handing over our life and everything else to God is critical if we are to lead a spiritually rich lifestyle. It is because when we put God in the driver’s seat and in control, we are saying that our trust, faith and security is in him, despite how much we have materially; whether we have millions of dollars or just a few coins. This is the biggest game changer; when one has lots of materials, it is ‘easier’ for a person to assume control of their life because they can provide for themselves, therefore they ignore God.

If we can nail these three and live a life with our hearts surrendered to God, I have no doubt that we will lead spiritually rich lifestyles which will influence the world and communities one person at a time. It is up to us to make the call and create that hunger to want to lead a spiritually rich lifestyle.


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