30 Dec


2014 has been an incredible year! I also feel privileged to be able to say that because I marvel at how tough the year started and how God has completely flipped the table; turning the bad into the good, the hardships to victory and sorrow into joy. Thank you to all those that contributed to make this year a memorable one!

What made 2014 an incredible year

1. Job

I left my job as a Basketball referee at the end of 2013, believing God had a greater job in store for me; one that I had been praying for. I needed a job with a higher income and would suit me as I studied at Harvest. Before I knew it, I landed a job at Village Cinemas, which had flexible hours, great work dynamics and was local. God indeed answered my prayer and Village Cinemas has been an incredible place to work it. God decided to go further and nine months in, I ended up with a promotion! God truly has been a blessing in this area

2. Study

It’s always exciting to make progress in my course – Bachelor of Arts in Ministry – because each subject I complete brings me one step closer to living out my dream 110%. God has been so evident in my learning and brings great revelations to me each class. I enjoy the teachers, the peers and the material! Truly I am in the right place where God wants me to be and there is nothing else better to know! There is one and a half years left in the course and looking forward to discovering more!

3. Enjoy Church

Enjoy Church and Empire Youth have been an incredible church to be planted in. There is no better place to be than the house of God. I thank God daily for the great pastors, leaders and better yet, servants he has placed around me. I thank God for influencing the church to influence my growth and development as a Christian. It’s been awesome to see the church grow from one service to two and for the youth to grow from 20-30 people to 40-50 people! I pray that God will be at the forefront of everything we do next year! #CROWNHIM2015

4. Sport

I can never do a review of the year without mentioning sports! Sports continue to be a huge blessing and passion in my life. I actually won my first basketball premiership with Dark Knights after losing 3 straight Grand Finals, so it was awesome to get the monkey of the back. It’s always incredible to get around a few friends and enjoy playing a game of basketball. It was a topsy-turvy year in supporting my teams; with Richmond Tigers playing with my heart by deciding to leave things late and win nine straight games to sneak in finals so it will be an exciting year to watch next season. Carolina Panthers has decided to follow suit, that despite a bad season, won four straight to again, sneak in finals. Orlando Magic in NBA continues to feed my sports appetite, providing joy and highlights.

5. Support

After having a big year with ups and downs, the people who God placed in my life to support me became evident. I always feel blessed and privileged when I reflect on who I have surrounding me. From my family, to my Pastors (Ps Ralph + Anna), to my mentors (Ps Danny and Ps Corey), to my teachers at HBC, to my youth leadership team, to my basketball teammates and friends in life. To be enriched by these people is joyful to reflect on!

6. Philippines

Something that made 2014 a memorable one would be the Philippines Missions Trip. It would be the pinnacle of the year, especially after waiting four years to go! My life has been changed forever through what I’ve seen, witness and what God spoke to me through this trip. Tacloban is an amazing city, New Life Church is a flourishing church and the people there are just incredible; carrying big hearts and big smile! I will never forget my time there and cannot wait to go back once again!

7. God (working in me)

The last four months, in my head, all I’ve been thinking is “How good is God! How good is God! How good is God!”

At the start of the new year, as the clock struck midnight, I was hit with a big punch (metaphorically speaking) and those hits kept on coming as the weeks passed. I likened it to being tackled by four different people on each side. It was a crunch, being sandwiched by different things. I remember spending the first few weeks inside my house after coming back from my New Year’s holiday. I did not leave the house nor speak to anyone aside from my family members.

It took a few more weeks to recover from the reality and situations I faced but as I built an ounce of courage to get back up, slowly but surely more strength was regained.

To start a year in this fashion really brought upon a bleek outlook. I remember looking at the dream I wrote on my bedroom wall and looking at in frustration because I was crushed. These experience however, was the faucet of greater things that God wanted to do in me.

This period stretched my heart, my soul and my mind. It challenged my thinking and my faith. As I stumbled at God’s feet, in tears because I couldn’t carry the weight of what was going on around me; God began to take over, and this is what truly made 2014 great! God has planted seeds for me, which I needed to water, nurture and grow over the year; through my experiences, responsibilities and actions. God has brought many new revelations to me, enlarged my heart and increased my faith in him because of what he has brought to light for me. This has established a springboard that will launch me in 2015; a year of opportunity! Opportunity because of the seeds that have been sown in 2014. Opportunity to see the fruits come to harvest and truly witness God in action, thanks to the work He has done in me! I am excited!

There is a lot of mentions of God because I would not be here if it wasn’t for Him. Reflecting back, I can see how amazing He is and how faithful He is. There is nothing that can and ever will express my gratitude and joy for what He has done. All I can do is lead a life that worships and glorifies Him; and this is what I intend to do for all the days of my life! Here’s to 2015!


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