Be Ready

4 May


1 Peter 3:15But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

It is absolutely essential that we understand the importance of this verse. I caught myself thinking about this verse lately and wondering if I was ready to give an answer whenever somebody asked me about my faith in God and what I would say.

We have a hope residing within us that the world needs. We cannot hide that from anybody, nor should We. I know I am a living testimony to what God has done and continue to do in my life and you are the same as you live a life for God.The reality is, the biggest exposure a non-Christian can possibly get about God, is what we say about our faith (along with our actions). It is for this reason we cannot be passive about our knowledge and understanding of God and who we are in Him. If I give an absolute shocker of an answer to somebody who asks me why I believe in God, chances are they’ll turn away unimpressed. On the other hand, if I give a thoughtful answer that causes them to think deeply about what I said – then I have one of the most powerful opportunities to share the love and grace with a person who has not encountered God.

For this reason, we need to engage actively in our understanding and learning of God. When we hear a preacher share a message, let’s engage with what he/she is saying and think about how it is applicable and relevant to us. When we study the Word, let’s understand what God is trying to share with us at that point in life. More importantly, let’s think about why we are saved by God and why we follow Him. Thinking about these things not only allows us to share these answers to others; it further convicts our belief in God because we are not following God blindly, but actively participating in all He has for us.

In the last few weeks, I have gained a few opportunities of people asking me why I believe in God or certain things and it has been getting me excited because it’s a moment to share about God (it’s better than being rejected!)

As part of the post, I wanted to share a few tips. The big keys I often look at when discussing these beliefs are:

1. To share answers with substance

Explain those beliefs and try not use clichés – “I was lost but now I’m found”, “Jesus is the answer”, “Jesus loves me”. There is nothing absolutely more frustrating to me than when I hear clichés. A cliché means something that has been repeated so many times that it has lost its meaning! Chances are they have all heard it and are looking to you to give them something different. So give them something to really think about. Show them a faith and belief that is authentic and genuine!

2. Be open and transparent.

Be human. This is your greatest connection to them. Sometimes I say – “As a human, I don’t know everything but I know God…” “We all make mistakes, I know I do…” Presenting myself as a human allows me to connect with them, to show that I have gone through a thought process when it comes to my faith and also lets me glorify God by making him bigger than I am.

3. Create discussion

If I lecture them, chances are they’ll be turned off. Ask them questions, listen to their perspectives, that way you can create a healthy discussion that will allow each other to think about each views and have respect for one another.

I encourage you to think about what your answer will be. There is nothing more effective in being prepared to share why you have faith in an amazing God and what He has done in your life.


One Response to “Be Ready”

  1. Gabriel May 4, 2015 at 1:00 pm #

    cliches… hate them! ha. good post James!

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