Be Present

16 May

As I was getting caught up with the cycle of school, work and church, I found myself in the trap of simply going through the motions. It is such a dangerous attitude that many of us can subconsciously fall into. It is dangerous because it disengages us from the moment or place we are in and robs us of truly experiencing the full extent of where we are today.

God gave me a little mini-slap around my face to wake me up after a few weeks of this mindset. Before that, I was only aiming to get my assignments in and cruising through my commitments without ever being truly present in that moment. I heard a message from Ps Steven Furtick, who preached on ‘God’s Will’. Furtick’s main contention of the message is a powerful one. It is that we won’t find God’s Will in the ‘Where’, ‘Whats’ and ‘Whens’ in Life but rather in the ‘Hows’, ‘Whos’ and ‘Whys’.

It is not the destination that we seek where we discover our full satisfaction and potential in life but it is in the journey today where we truly reach above and beyond in life. There are blessings in life that we have today we can neglect when we are too focused on something else in the future. In fact, it may have the opposite effect when you actually reach the destination because you never learnt to appreciate what you had earlier, let alone, squeezed everything you could out of that season in your journey. It is so crucial that we are not ignorant of what is happening around us today, that we do not miss out the opportunity to learn and grow today, that we do not fail to develop our characteristics, passions and gifts today. It is in these moments in the present that causes us to be in good stead in the future.

Proverbs 13:4 – The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

God is omnipresent, He isn’t omni-future. God works with us in the present and we are to work with Him. It is through our actions, attitudes and work today that helps us to do more tomorrow.

As I found myself just ‘coasting’ through, I realized I had to shake out of that mentality because it will cause me to be unprepared and unappreciative of future things. I began to see the blessings and opportunities I had around me and this allowed me to be more engaged and present in the now. For school, I have the opportunity to learn, discuss and understand bits that I will need to know for my future roles. For church, I have the ability to serve in many areas and develop my giftings and passions that will lead me to bigger opportunities (but now, it is about how I serve and my attitude that comes with it) For Work, I have the opportunity to build a strong work ethic and standard that will carry over to a career that I truly love and it will strengthen my attitude for when I face aspects I do not want to do. For my relationships, I have the ability to build and strengthen relationships today, the privilege of empowering and speaking life into others and others into me.

I encourage you, be present in what you do today, be engaged in the aspects of life you are currently exploring. It is these things today that will lead you to greater things ahead. It is also how you deal with today, that will be an indicator of how you will deal with things in the future – Luke 16:10 – If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities. 

Let’s not focus on the future too much, let us not focus on the outcome too heavily because when we do, we neglect the journey and the process we are in today. Our responsibility in in the process and God will take care of the outcome. Knowing this, I will appreciate everything I have today and seek to get the most I can out of every opportunity.


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