When it rains, it doesn’t flood

19 Aug

Hand and Rain

Over the last 5 years I have been blessed with an incredible recovery and life after fighting cancer. It is truly a blessing that crosses my mind more than a million times, knowing that I have a renewed chance to make an impact in this life, to leave a legacy; it has brought a sense of purpose knowing God has placed me here for such a time as this.

After hearing good news each appointment I had post-cancer, two months ago I was hit with bad news; and it hit me with a massive brunt of force. It was unusual. To put it simple, there are small issues with my blood which shows high levels of iron. It sounded all too familiar as I previously had high iron level just before i was diagnosed with cancer. It was deja vu. Fear hit me at that moment. The doctor went to other small issues and spoke about how we can rectify this. Over the next month, i will be giving blood transfusions in a bid to reduce those iron numbers to a stable level.

It was an incredible test of my anxiety, my mindset and my faith in God. I can become quite reserved when it comes to these things and not talk to anyone about it. I was walking out of the doctor’s office in a little shock. My mind pacing about what could happen, what it would mean for my health and my progress so far. As I was walking, God decided to speak life into my situation. I cried out to him and asked why I was facing this battle that seemed all too familiar. God referred to the story of Noah and the flood. Apparently it never rained until the flood happened. Basically the first time it rained, the world flooded and only Noah, his family and the animals were safe on the Ark. It was a massive event that was caused by the first raindrops from the sky. Afterwards, God made a promise to Noah that he will never flood the Earth to that extent again. The evidence of this promise was the rainbow. What he pointed out to me was – you can imagine that when it rained afterwards, Noah probably got a little worried that it was going to flood again…but the promise still remains. In this illustration, God was pointing out to me that it may rain, but it will never flood again. He enabled me to remember his promise to me that I will never have chemotherapy again.

This small chat eased my fears, this is a promise that I claim by faith. I will speak over my blood levels to stabilise and I will be healed through God’s grace and mercy. I simply have to walk through the rain and come out with another chapter to this story.

It is so easy for me to get scared, to worry, to react but it is so much more beneficial for me to trust, to pray, and to walk in his promise.

What are the promises God has given you? Are you focused on those promises or are you troubled by the rain?

Proverbs 1:33 – But all who listen to me will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.

How great is God?!


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