O My King

27 Nov


As I entered my time with God this morning, my spirit wanted to take an extended moment to worship the magnitude and greatness of God.

I marvelled at God as I read Psalm 95.

This is a God who created the world with his own words and power (Gen. 1:1)
Who reigns in immense power that we cannot fully see him and live (Ex. 33:20)
Who reigns in so much majesty that he is greater than any King or god in this world (Ps. 135:5)
He is the name above all names (Philippians 2:9)


He has called me to draw near to Him (James 4:8)
to be intimate with him
to dwell in his presence
to rejoice in his love

He paid the ultimate sacrifice that nothing else will ever come close; only so I could personally boldly have access to him, just as a child does to his father
The blood of God, who reigns high in the heavens with glory; for my own soul that has continually let him down (let’s take a moment to really dwell on that thought, we are definitely undeserving of His great love, yet he still chooses to extend us His love through grace)

God is always faithful, because of His faith, I can run back into him.
God is always loving, because of His love, I have access to him
God is always graceful, because of His grace, he forgives me and allows me to learn and grow.

This is truly a story about God, not about man; but a story we have the privilege of being a participant of.

I haven’t even come close to explaining the glory or splendour of God…


We have the audacity to be complacent in our life with God, to ignore the call to come near to God, to live in mediocrity in our relationship with God.

Let us understand that God has given us everything we need to know Him, to have access to Him and to has given us the invitation to dwell in His presence, in His amazing love.

As I worshipped God this morning, I asked –
“Why do you love us worshipping you? Why do you constantly call us to acknowledge you for your glory?”
He responded
“Because that’s when I know you love me, I rejoice when you say you love me!”

It’s like when a man says to a woman he loves her, and he rejoices when he hears the same words from her mouth for the first time! Only, it’s a far greater love from God to you!

I love you, O My King.



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