3 Dec

Time with God

The theme that God has been teaching me the last few months has been ‘Intimacy with Him’, building the relationship with Him, to grow stronger and find my security and satisfaction in Him and Him only.

God had been calling me to Him, calling me to intentionally set time aside to spent an hour with Him and Him only. Just as Jesus did.

Mark 1:35 – Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

I know that this was something I had to act on. I could hear God calling me to initiate this action and turn it into a habit daily.

I wanted to be intentionally with building a routine that was sustainable and most effective for me to spend my time with God. I had to ask – what are my essentials when it comes to doing my time with God best? I came to a conclusion and it resulted in my new routine. I get up early (as I possibly can) and drive to grab a coffee, while I get my coffee, I listen to worship songs. I then move to my desk, put the songs on a low volume, pray to God to enter in my sanctuary and allow this moment to be alive and powerful. I read the assigned bible chapters for the day. I write in my journal in the SOAP structure (Scripture, Observations, Application and Prayer), then I pray over what I’ve read and also pray over the things on my prayer list (that is protected and cherished within a frame!) then I rejoice in the presence of God and give him one minute silence to speak to me.

This routine has been established from what I found works best for me. I am strong in one on one settings and minimal distractions. I need to wake up a little first and the coffee with music does this. I need creative inspiration and music, along with notes in my Bible helps enforce this and I need structure – SOAP, reading plan and prayer notes all add to this.

This has lead to quality time with God and the last month has been amazing as I draw near to God. Some people may say – “but shouldn’t you be spending time with God 24/7?” I am not only giving God one hour of my life a day. I am dedicating one hour of my day to him so the other 23 hours can be an outgrowth of the time I spend with him. When you spend time with someone, you find that when you leave their presence for the day, their shadow lingers, you can still feel their presence because of the imprint they have left upon you. This is the same with God.

James 4:8a – Come near to God and he will come near to you.

My challenge to you is to dedicate some time to God. 5 minutes or 2 hours, however much you can. Ask yourself, what are your essentials? Is it a walk in nature you find divine company? Is it a dip in a beautiful lake? Is it private time in a room? Is it in a car drive to nowhere? Discover your essentials and seek God daily. All he wants is a seeking heart and I promise you, he will meet you where you seek Him.


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