Routine or Conviction

15 Dec

walking with God.jpg

A question was asked about worship – how do we live in true worship and avoid worshipping with the wrong motive. I think it is a very big question, especially in today’s fast paced and materialistic world. Ironically, I stumbled across a chapter in John Bevere’s book, ‘Drawing Near’, on True Worship and Bevere shares the first time the word worship appears in the Bible which is Genesis 22:5 – ‘Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey; the lad and I will go yonder and worship”‘

“Abraham was not going up to yonder to sing a slow song with Isaac. He was going up there to put the most treasured possession in his life to death, simply because God asked him to do it! So you can see worship is a life of obedience” (Bevere, p115)

As John states Worshipping God is obedience to God; Worshipping God is a lifestyle! There are different forms and expression of worship – Songs, prayer, obedience, expression of love, praise/gratitude and acts of service.

God despises worship if it doesn’t include obedience. God despises sacrifices and songs of worship if it is only done as a ritual/rite instead of a heart for God as we can see in Amos 5:21-25 and Isaiah 1:11-17

In essence – Don’t be a ‘Sunday Christian’

What I mean by this is don’t give God one day to make him happy and keep the rest devoted to yourself. Don’t worship God for one hour and ignore him for the rest of the week!

God simply wants your heart. As you exercise your obedience to God, you will naturally build a lifestyle of worship. This won’t happen until you hear the voice of God; and that won’t happen until you spend time in His presence + Word. Faith comes by hearing from the Word (Romans 10:17)

See where I am getting at here?

Spending time with God = hearing his voice = obeying his voice = development of worship lifestyle.

On the other hand, a muffled voice =  suppressed worship lifestyle.

God is always speaking, it’s the matter of us hearing and responding. It is a process, as you can see above. The trap that people fall into is they see a person with a strong prayer life or ministry; wisdom (whatever it may be that appeals to them) – they say “I wish I had that gift.” What they don’t see or realise is the process, time and discipline that people had to go through in order behind the scenes, in their private time, to sharpen their relationship with God, obeying the call of God and building their worship lifestyle.

Throughout the Bible we can see people answering the call of God and leading lives of worship. Abraham left his town for God, Elisha answered the call of God and left his job (in fact he burnt it all as a sign of complete surrender!), the disciples answered the call of Jesus. Through these acts of obedience, they truly walked with God and out of this flowed wisdom, authority in God and favour.

The challenge presented here is why are there so many Christians only routinely heading to church most Sundays in order to get into God’s good books and settling for this; When they could be getting into the process of getting to know God brick by brick and worshipping Him with all their lives? God is calling you to a greater life of worship and intimacy!

The question that you can ask yourself to answer whether you are living a life of true worship or settling for mediocrity is “what is your motivation?” Is your motivation to try and gain God’s blessings and favour or is it to know God’s heart?  Set out to discover and know God’s heart, and answer his call. Only then will you build a life of true worship because you have discovered the heart of the Lord and everything you do begins to flow from this.


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