More Than Enough?

16 Dec


We can often hear certain statements from the bible, in church, in worship, from other Christians, or even say it ourselves and have these statements become all too familiar to us; never coming to truly understand what we are saying or appreciate the profound meaning it holds. It is a trap we need to be wary of because it stops us from delving deeper into God.

The statement I want to talk about is “More than Enough”. When you take a step back to ponder this statement, we begin to realise that we are making a massive statement. We are basically saying that if we had nothing else in life, just God…it would not only be enough but in fact, MORE than enough! Does out attitude reflect this? Does our heart resonate with this sentiment?

I think the one example who truly lived this out was Moses. Moses walked with God as if he was dependent on Him. A scenario played out where the Israelites kept doing wrong in God’s eyes and God became fed up with them. God gave Moses an option that He will take Moses and the Israelites to their promised land but God would leave them.

Exodus 33:3 – “Go up to this land that flows with milk and honey. But I will not travel among you, for you are a stubborn and rebellious people. If I did, I would surely destroy you along the way.”

This is a classic example of gaining the promise but without the provider! Instead Moses turns around and rejects this offer because it would be worthless with the Provider!

Exodus 33:15 – Then Moses said, “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place.

Moses would rather stay in the presence of God and live in the desert instead of in luxury and without God.

In saying all this, we live in a very materialistic world; along with this, we live in a very individualistic environment. We are encouraged to think for ourselves, pursue our own dreams, and carve out our own identity. I am not saying it’s a bad thing but there is a huge emphasis on individualism, rather than community. This can breed a degree of selfishness and a strong desire to want things in our lives because of the individual pursuit.

The question being asked is – are we finding simple satisfaction and fulfilment in God and God alone. Indeed believing that God is more than enough.

My prayer is for you to find this to be true; if not now, then one day.

In my own life, I was always worrying about the issue of whether I wanted other things over God – a good career/ministry, an incredible woman to do life with and so on. I began praying the relentless prayer of allowing myself to find simple satisfaction and complete joy in doing life with the Lord; and to have everything else I do and desire flow from this satisfaction. This prayer caused God to urge me to spend time devoted to Him. As I answered this call, I slowly began to feel contentment and joy in my soul because I was lavishing in God’s presence.

How can one gauge whether they carry the attitude of believing God is more than enough? I believe it is best reflected in a person who lives a life of worship. By this, I mean a person spending time with God, journeying with God and answering his call. These things show that we place God above anything else.

It is in their pursuit of God that their motivation expresses they only want God above anything else. As a result of this, God adds to our life! (Matthew 6:33) so everything else we gain in our pursuit of God is a bonus to what we already have!

My challenge to you today is to ask yourself, “Do I understand the immensity of the statement – ‘You are more than enough’ – and does my life reflect this?”

If yes – then continue this incredible journey and pursuit of God

If no – then ask yourself and God – What can I do today to change this? And start your pursuit of God.

I will guarantee you this, when you discover this attitude of pursuing God, he will answer the call and you will find yourself in an incredible place with God and in life!



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