Sensitivity to God’s Heart

27 Feb

Heart Cloud


I came across Amos 6:1-7 in my personal reading and Amos is a prophet lamenting the issues of the Israelites who are becoming comfortable and self-centred; leading lavish lifestyles at the expense of others. They were leading comfortable lives with materials and consumerism at the expense of an enriched life with God. They were insensitive to God’s presence.

Throughout the Bible, stories are ripe of people who followed God but then abandoned his ways for wrongdoing, distractions or temporary pleasures. This isn’t the issue; the issue is when these people go even deeper and become oblivious to how they are conducting themselves. They seem to have dampened their conscience in order to continue partaking in their wicked lifestyles. In the Old Testament, there are many stories of this pattern with the Israelites and to make matters worse, they were God’s chosen people!

I began to question to God as to why these people and people today seem to lose focus easily? What is it that makes people do evil easily and to continue doing it? What causes people to move away from God and not be bothered by it? In one statement God revealed why – “They don’t have sensitivity to my heart”

As people do things that are not of God’s ways or heart, they begin to dull their senses and sensitivity towards God.

Let’s imagine a well. This well holds a never-ending, inexhaustible flow of water. Once people drink from the well, they are fully refreshed, invigorated and know that they cannot get enough of it. This well becomes their source for quenching their thirst daily. Now these people find other wells have popped up and although they are not as good as the original well, they are still thirsty and decide to drink from it because it is convenient for it is nearby.They fill up their tank but with a different source of water and as they do this, they drink less from the original source. In a way, they have lessened their desire to drink from the well that truly invigorated them and start to settle for the sub-standard well for it is easy and convenient.

In the same way, when we fill our capacity with the things of the world that are not of God, we lessen our capacity to be filled from the fountain of God. I believe being in a place where one is completely immune to the touch of God and completely dulled to the sensitivity of God is the most scary and dangerous place to be.

A great example is King David. King David was a man after God’s own heart, sensitive to His presence; worshipping with all his heart. There came a situation where he committed adultery due to putting himself in a compromising situation. Instead of responding to the grace of God, he began to dig deeper into trouble because his sensitivity was dulled. King David began to commit even more evil deeds as he found out the lady he slept with was pregnant. He attempted to get best friend and the husband of the woman he slept with, Uriah drunk so Uriah may believe he was the father of the baby. When that didn’t work; King David plotted for Uriah to be killed in battle!

A man so close to God’s heart, yet conducted these actions and commands without any compassion or second thoughts. All because his sensitivity was dulled. King David eventually found his way back to God but damage was caused and consequences were faced.

In many ways today, our sensitivity can be dulled. Especially when we are consuming so much of the world and not enough of God’s presence. Let us become more sensitive to God’s heart by seeking him today. As we do this, we begin to grow in the ways of God, carrying His spirit, displaying His values and extending His grace and love. That is when God becomes undeniable to the world because He is reflected in your life.

I am not saying that we will become perfect when we drink from the fountain of God. We will make mistakes; but being closer to God, we become more responsive towards God’s grace and less inclined to remain away from God presence when we do momentarily step off track.

What fountain are you drinking from today? Are you sensitive to God’s heart?

I know that I want to be in that place where I am truly sensitive to God; where my heart beats exactly to the rhythm of God’s heartbeat. Do you?




2 Responses to “Sensitivity to God’s Heart”

  1. Judy March 8, 2016 at 6:18 pm #

    Great message James. You are a really good writer. Thanks for the timely message.

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