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I love seeking knowledge, wisdom and information about life and everything in between; thus creating a love for books! Here are some reviews and recommendations of the books I have personally read. Enjoy!


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“Live, Love, Lead” by Brian Houston


“Simon Says” By Simon McIntyre


Reviews/Recommendations (Ordered by Rating)

Title: Culture of Honor
Author: Danny Silk
Topics: Ministry, People, Sin, Grace, Leadership

culture of honor

This is, without a doubt, one of the best books I have read in regards to its impact in my life and learning. This book was recommended to me when I was facing issues in regards to ministry. Danny Silk lays down an impeccable, strong, and Christian framework for ministries and ministry leaders to work with when it comes to dealing with sin in people and in leadership; with the focus on honouring their higher identity that Jesus has called them to rise up to and live as. This book is empowering for ministry leaders. Anyone that is in any form of ministry (even just as a servant) needs to get a hold of this book.

Rating: 10/10


Title: The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating
Author: Andy Stanley
Topics: Relationships, Personal Development


I absolutely love this book. Whenever it comes to relationships, sex, or single life; this is the book I will recommend. It covers many aspects in depth such as recovering from broken relationships, casual sex, the meaning of love and so on. Stanley is absolutely direct, at times brutal, but he does so with a loving heart; carrying the purpose to help people realise the importance, power and value of relationships. Stanley speaks as a person who is genuine, speaks from his own experience and his experience of counselling others. For the topic of relationships, Stanley has brought in a highly valued book that anyone can and everyone should get their hands on. A must-read

Rating: 10/10


Title: One.Life
Author: Scot McKnight
Topics: Life, Personal Development, Theology

one life

This was a book for one of my classes – “Understanding Kingdom Ministry”. I am so glad I was able to read this book. A book mainly written for students, adolescents and young adults; McKnight wonderfully engages his audience through stories, his own experiences and his experiences with other people whilst sharing about key themes and issues we face in life. McKnight presents a powerful picture of the life Jesus commanded us to live. McKnight breaks open the shackles of mundane religious activities, rule setting and shows how to live a life captivated by the love of Jesus and to grow into the life of freedom that he was talking about in his time on this world. Definitely get your hands on this book.

Rating: 10/10


Title: No More Christian Nice Guy
Author: Paul Coughlin
Topics: Men, Manhood, Personal Development, Relationships


This is, without a doubt, one of the books that every man needs to get his hands on. Coughlin makes the significant distinction between being nice (passive, a pushover, a people pleaser, weak) and being good (strong, friendly, just, full of courage) and how men are pushed into being nice is causing damage for everyone; from themselves to their wives/girlfriends to their kids and to society. Coughlin calls out the true spirit of being a man within every man and shines a light to those who have fallen in the trap of ‘being nice’. I loved this book and will probably read it again sometime soon.

Rating: 9/10


Title: The Power of a Whisper
Author: Bill Hybels
Topics: God, Purpose, Ministry, Everyday Living

power of a whisper.jpg

This is one of the best books I have read in regards to its teaching on hearing from God, how to weigh up God’s voice and also how to respond. Bill Hybels shares the perfect blend of personal stories (good and bad), sharing other people’s stories and also theology to ensure a relatable, practical and understandable way to hear from God, even as a whisper. Hybels is an absolutely fantastic communicator and it shows in this book. A Must-Read.

Rating: 10/10



Title: Life on the Edge – The Next Generation’s Guide to a Meaningful Future
Author: Dr. James Dobson
Topics: Adolescence, Personal Development, Purpose


This is a fantastic read for adolescents and young adults with the world at their feet and stepping into the life they want to lead. Dobson covers nearly every aspect crucial to life – career, family, relationships, God, finance, sex, life’s purpose. It is an informative read that causes you to think about your own life and what you want to establish. Definitely a recommended read for those in the 15-25 age bracket.

Rating: 9/10


Title: Four Things Women Want From A Man
Author: A.R. Bernard
Topics: Relationships, Manhood

Four things women want from a man

This is a very educational and simplistic read. Bernard teaches, from experience and experience of counselling others, about similar patterns that occur when it comes to marital issues and issues between men and women. He establishes a simple framework for Men to work with and for women to understand; allowing men to become the godly men they were called to be and also for woman to best facilitate it herself, building their relationship. My only knock is that – even though the book is intended for married couples and single man to place these principles in their lives early before marriage – the prayers at the end of each chapter are directed to married men and women, which made it slightly exclusive and left me at times (as a single man) wondering if I was to read it. Definitely worth reading though for a simplistic framework to benefit your life, your relationship with people and God.

Rating: 9/10


Title: Good or God
Author: John Bevere
Topics: God, Relationship with God, Theology


This book is a very challenging read. Read it at your own peril! This book challenges the person’s spirit and whether they are truly living a life with God, or living the good and comfortable life with a little bit of God. Bevere hits the spot well with his own stories, with stories of others and biblical truths to open your eyes to how you are living today. Definitely get your hands on this one.

Rating: 9/10


Title: Did You Think To Pray?
Author: R.T. Kendall
Topics: Prayer, Relationship with God


This book is, so far, the best book I have read on the topic of prayer. Kendall simplifies the idea of loving God as spending time with him; just as a kid feels loved when a parent spends time with him/her. Kendall breaks down all the questions on prayer such as praying when God doesn’t answer, how to pray and so on. This is a powerful manual and a simple one that covers prayer extensively and in an engaging way. Must read this one.

Rating: 9/10


Title: Greater
Author: Steven Furtick
Topics: Personal Development, Dreams/Purpose, God’s Calling


This is a great book with immense doses of inspiration. Furtick has an uncanny ability to bring his own experiences, wisdom and create a practical push for you to be inspired. It is an encouraging book that breathes life into the dreams you have; that God has placed in your heart. If you are purposeful and need a little push, get ahold of this one. If you feel that you have let go of your dream a while back; even more reason to read this book!

Rating: 9/10


Title: Under Cover
Author: John Bevere
Topics: Theology, Leadership, Ministry, Authority

John Bevere.jpg

John Bevere writes a convincing and powerful book, illustrating the importance of submission and obedience to not only God’s authority but the authority above us and the dangers of deception in doing otherwise. This is a great for a reality check of where our hearts lie and brings to light incredible peace and freedom after being challenged by this book. Definitely recommended to everyone as we are all under authority in some way, shape or form – family, work, church.

Rating: 9/10


Title: The Compelling Community
Author: Mark Dever + Jamie Dunlop
Topics: Church, Community, Fellowship, Theology

compelling community.jpg

This is a fantastic book for ministry leaders and staff/volunteers to get their hands on for it illustrates one church’s model and success in building an authentic community within their local church. It shows strategy, ideas as well as issues that hinder community growth. This is a very handy book to help churches understand the importance and also the influence of a strong community.

Rating: 8/10


Title: The Supernatural Life
Author: Corey Turner
Topics: Supernatural Gifts, Power, God, Theology


Ps Corey Turner lays down a practical guide to supernatural power and gifts in a bid to teach Christians how to lead a powerful, godly life where people are healed, set free and empowered by the love of God. Turner has great theology and arguments in his book and encourages people to step into the lives God called them to lead.

Rating: 8/10


Title: Sun Stand Still
Author: Steven Furtick
Topics: Personal Development, Prayer, God’s Call, 


Steven Furtick again hits the spot in encouraging people to reach for the impossible with God. With humungous amounts of stories of himself, of other people and the Bible, Furtick allows people insider access to people who have dared to ask God for the impossible and allowed God to do great things in their lives. This book works a treat as it allows you to get lost in these stories and come to a realization that God can do amazing things in your own life. A great and encouraging read.

Rating: 8/10


Title: What Would Jesus Say to: Rush Limbaugh, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Bart Simpson, Donald Trump, Murphy Brown, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Mother Teresa, David Letterman and You
Author: Lee Strobel
Topics: Jesus, Theology, Life Issues

what would jesus say

This is an old-school book written in 1994 but one that is still relevant today. Lee Strobel takes on the challenge of writing what Jesus would say to certain famous people/characters and I feel, does a great job in doing so. Strobel straddles the line of topics such as grace, sin, lifestyle and influence. This book is an easy read but will certainly cause you to stop and think because as humans, we all have opinions to what we want to say and Strobel challenges that mindset. An entertaining read.

Rating: 8/10


Title: Soul Detox – Clean Living in a Contaminated World
Author: Craig Groeschel
Topics: Life, Personal Development

soul detox.jpg

Craig Groeschel has won me over with his inclusive language – bringing the audience into his own world and life, transparency of his own issues and laying out very practical frameworks into how one can truly rise above the ‘contaminated’ thinking and actions of this world; to live a life of true freedom in Christ. This book lays out a strong challenge for Christians, nevertheless one that we should welcome today. Definitely a recommendation for anyone struggling to grab a hold of the life God intended for them or anyone that wants a little reality check to how they are living for Christ.

Rating: 8/10


Title: Honest To God
Author: Josh Weidmann
Topics: Personal Development, Relationship with God


This is a very relevant and practical book. I feel many people will gain great impact and revelation from this book in regards to the dynamics of their relationship with God. It encourages people to be real with God, with others and ultimately themselves. Give yourself a reality check and scour through this book to see if there is anything hindering you in building your relationship with God. A great book, even better read in the right season in your life.

Rating: 8/10


Title: Drawing Near – A Life of Intimacy with God
Author: John Bevere
Topics: God, Relationship with God


This is a great read for those wondering how to draw near to God. Bevere establishes Biblical truths when it comes to humanity’s relationship with God and out of this, creates practical steps and asks questions to the reader of their relationship with God; with the focus on helping their press into God further. A great read, even better when read in the perfect season.

Rating 7/10


Title: For This Cause
Author: Brian Houston
Topics: Purpose, Meaning of Life, Surrendering to God


This is a very simple but practical book when it comes to finding the meaning of your life and completely surrendering to God. Houston lays down ways we limit ourselves and how we ought to overcome those limitations for God, such as rejecting the middle ground, creating priorities and being united, passionate for a cause. If you want to make inroads to the dream that God has placed in your heart, or for your group; this will be a positive and challenging read over a few pages.

Rating 7/10


Title: 23 Minutes in Hell
Author: Bill Wiese
Topics: Hell, Afterlife


This is one of those more controversial books as it covers the topic of hell (and one man’s experience in it). This will always bring divided opinion. However, I think Wiese covers his own experience well in this book and communicates the dread, fear and pain really well. He doesn’t do it in an attempt to scare you but to share with you his own experience and revelations. His experience with Jesus after hell blew me away. One great thing about this book is Wiese has complied a great list of questions with informative answers – such as “Where is Hell” and uses the Bible to back up his answers. A very interesting read

Rating: 7/10


Title: Boy Meets Girl – Say Hello To Courtship
Author: Joshua Harris
Topics: Relationships, Dating, Courtship


I’ll start by saying this, Joshua Harris, using his own experience, makes a great case for courting rather than dating. He points out how God wants men and women to go about with each other in pre-married life and in married life. Josh makes great points about saying pure before marriage, about pre-marriage is all about getting to know one another deeply so you can discover your compatibility before you marry one another. He had won me over with all these points but he had lost me on a few. I feel that Harris causes relationships to be serious from the moment a man and a woman say hello, or share a coffee with one another. It’s like people are thinking marriage as soon as they meet on their first catch up to get to know one another. There needs to be that breathing room before courting with purpose. Harris also has a ‘no affections before marriage’ attitude; whereas I lean towards the ‘healthy affection’ attitude. It is a good book but read it with a critical mind.

Rating: 7/10


Title: Willpower – Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
Author: Roy F. Baumeister & John Tierney
Topics: Willpower, Self-Control, Educational, Personal Development


This was certainly a heavy read on a singular topic of Willpower. I had to push through at times to finish this book (how ironic?!). It is an educational book that consists of research, scientific theories and conclusions on how to build self-control, resist temptation and redirect your life – whether it comes to dieting, building healthy relationships, committing to New Year Resolutions. Baumeister presents an all-you-need-to-know Bible on willpower. If you want to learn how to build self-control in any aspect of your life; I am sure this book will provide a framework for you to work with; or at the very least build your awareness and understanding when it comes to willpower in your life.

Rating: 7/10


Title: Hung By The Tongue
Author: Francis P. Martin
Topics: Tongue, Personal Development

hung by the tongue

This book solely shares the power of your words and how they shape your future. It is a very old book (and quite unorganized in its chapters) but has some great nuggets within. I knew a lot of the wisdom shared already in this book but its the matter of applying it in life and practising it daily; which is where the real challenge lies.

Rating: 7/10


Title: Church Administration – Creating Efficiency for Effective Ministry
Author: Robert Welch
Topics: Organisation, Administration, Ministry


This was one heavy read but it is the go-to-book for everything you need to know and understand about church administration, organisation, ministry structure, staff/responsibilities and the logistics of law and legalism of society today. If you are entering ministry or looking at administration, get your hands on this book. If not, don’t worry about it. Heavy read but chock full of necessary information about this topic

Rating: 7/10



Title: Your Legacy – The Greatest Gift
Author: Dr. James Dobson
Topics: Family, Kids

your legacy.jpg

I probably misunderstood what this book was going to be about. I am a huge fan of Dr. James Dobson, especially of his book – Life on the Edge. I thought this one was going to be about creating a legacy in your own life. Instead, it was about influencing your kids; which I don’t have any at the point. So this was a strange read for me in the current season I am in my life. It is good as it allows you insider access to Dobson’s family life. It shares how important your lifestyle, words, influence and wisdom impacts your children. Only read it if you are a parent or about to become one.

Rating 4/10

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