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Lessons from Asa

28 Jan


In my last post, I spoke about the principles we can learn from Asa which helped gain favour and strength from God. However, in Asa’s last years, he abandoned these principles as he grew in strength. There are practical lessons we can learn from Asa to help us remain focused and steadfast in God’s presence and hope.

Asa grew in stature, strength and favour. He rebuilt the city of Judah for God. However, Asa grow in confidence in himself and began to take matters in his own hands. He drew away from God’s strength and looked to build alliances with other armies to appear stronger (without inquiring of the Lord). In doing so, a seer came to Asa and told Asa that he had done a foolish thing for Asa wasn’t trusting in God as he used to. Instead of responding to these words with humility. Asa became angry and put the seer in prison, oppressed some of his people and also became afflicted with a foot disease. Even then, Asa did not ask God for healing and instead trusted in physicians. He eventually died, leaving a bitter taste in our memory of Asa.

We can discover two important lessons in this story.

  1. We need to remain steadfast in God, especially when we gain favour

This is so critical. We can press into God, gain favour in our family, church, career, work and in everything we do because we are faithful, and sincere with God. The challenge is to remain with an attitude of gratitude; rather than letting it get to your head and becoming prideful. It is a true challenge because when you gain strong success in your area, it is easy to start claiming credit and taking matters in your own hands. This is what happened to Asa. A strong way to counteract this is to continue to know where you would have been without God. I often tell myself I would be dead if it were not for God, if not dead, I would be blind (True story for another time!). I know that I wouldn’t have certain wisdom or behaviour because my wisdom comes from God. Where would you be without God? It is a great way to remain humble and to continue pursing God’s goodness for us, rather than our own.

2. Asa had a chance to respond to God

We can see that Asa had a chance, if not, two chances to correct his heart and respond to God when the seer came with words of revelation. Instead of coming to an understanding. Asa reacted angrily and this is a strong sign of the pride Asa developed in his heart. He also had a chance to turn to God for healing through repentance and being dependant on God, instead he continued to be bitter and relied on the strength of people. This is such a critical juncture; receiving words of correction/rebuke. It is never easy for a person to give rebuke or to receive rebuke but we have to understand that we may not see the things we are doing wrong and the person giving rebuke is doing so out of concern and love for us. We need to ensure that we receive words of correction and rebuke with a humble heart; knowing that God wants to continue to work in us, sharpen us and mould us. It is also better knowing that it is in our brokenness where we truly shine God’s glory. Do you need to respond to God? Do you have words of rebuke that you need to take on board? If so, do it in a humble manner and I guarantee that God will sharpen your heart and your life that allows you to glorify Him.

Let us continue to remain steadfast in God. Knowing that without Him we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wouldn’t carry the hope we have or be pursuing the great dreams he has placed in our hearts. Let us continue to be humble and trust in God. In doing so, God will continue to strengthen us and take us further on our journey with Him.



Asa’s Principles

25 Jan

And Asa

I loved coming across Asa who is the great-grandson of King David, in 2 Chronicles 14. Asa had taken up the role of King after the death of his father Abijah, and before that, Rehoboam and Solomon. All these Kings struggled to live out their kingly duties in the ways of God. Solomon became comfortable and distracted by life’s luxuries. Rehoboam got greedy and tried to gain more power and more influence than what he had and brought division in Israel. Abijah was quite wicked and not fully devoted to God (1 King 15:3).

The first thing we hear about Asa in this passage is “Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord”. What a way to be introduced and remembered in the Bible! Especially after a history of Kings failing to live up to standard in their privileged responsibility.

I began to investigate further as to what Asa did that was good and right. Thus creating ‘Asa’s Principles’

  1. Asa removed, smashed and cut. (2 Chronicles 14:3)

Asa set out to destroy the things that were not of God. He removed foreign alters, smashed ‘sacred’ stones, and cut down Asherah poles (A goddess). This was an act to remove distractions or any obstacles in knowing the true God.

What do we need to remove, smash or cut in our lives? Is it a devotion to something else? An addiction that we indulge in? A limitation we have placed on ourselves? A stronghold in our life? Remove, smash and cut what is not of God.

2. Asa set the standard (2 Chronicles 14:4)

Asa commanded his community to seek God. After removing everything not of God, his next action was to make everything of God the foundation of the community. He also commanded them to obey the commandments and live in the ways of God. This was the standard Asa placed on himself and his community.

What are you laying down as the standard, the priority or the commandment in your life? Is it to seek God? Is it to follow His ways? or is it simply to attend Church on a Sunday Morning? When you set the standard of seeking God daily and living in His ways, your lives will be transformed greatly and richly blessed with His presence and love

3. Asa built up (2 Chronicles 14:6-7)

After Asa had rid of everything not of God, set the foundation of knowing God and seeking Him, Asa built the city up. He fortified the city, armed the men because he knew that the city and people were standing on the solid rock of God’s promises.

When we establish God as the foundation of our lives, we are able to build upwards and allow God to truly work in us and as a result, outwork through us. God begins to reveal promises, develop fruits in our lives and lead the way for us to follow.

These are Asa’s principles. I pray that you will be richly blessed in reading this and reflect upon your own life as to where you could apply any of these aspects. If you feel you are disqualified because of the things you have done, remember that these principles came into place because of the mistakes the previous Kings made; this didn’t disqualify Israel but rather enabled someone to come in and make the necessary changes after responding to God’s love and mercy. I pray that you will be a person that can be introduced as someone who “did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord”