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21 Feb


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I share my learnings on time, priorities and how it has shifted my attitude and mindset towards living my lifestyle and creating time for what I wants to do

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13 Sep


We face choices every day in life. How do we know which choice we ought to choose? Does God tell us what to do all the time? What happens if he doesn’t? In Episode 7 of MoodyTalks, James answers these questions about his own experience and how making choices when God takes a step back is a sign of our maturity and growth in God when we make a good choice that aligns to His Word, and His Heart.

Give Me Your All

8 Aug


In Episode 5 of MoodyTalks, I share a common theme that God has been stirring in my heart and use this as a voice of encouragement to truly humble yourself before God and give Him your all.

Be blessed