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Give Me Your All

8 Aug


In Episode 5 of MoodyTalks, I share a common theme that God has been stirring in my heart and use this as a voice of encouragement to truly humble yourself before God and give Him your all.

Be blessed



5 May


I was reading Psalm 75 and the first verse jumped out at me

Psalm 75:1
We praise you, God,
    we praise you, for your Name is near;
    people tell of your wonderful deeds.

My mind trailed off, pondering about this verse. I began to wonder, how much do we, as Christians, rejoice in who God is and what He has done in our lives. Do we truly appreciate the majesty and faithfulness of God? Do we truly stand amazed in what He works in our lives? Heck, do we remain thankful that God has brought us out of darkness and given us salvation? God has brought us life!

I reflected on my battle with cancer and how it has given me a new lease on life. If I never gained treatment, I wouldn’t be here today. If I never pressed into God and prayed for God to deliver me, I definitely wouldn’t be here today. I have been given a second chance. Every time I go for a run, I remain thankful as I am able to run after 5 years ago, I couldn’t even walk up a stair. Every time I meet a new person, I am thankful because I was stuck in isolation getting treatment 5 years ago. Every year, a significant date rolls around, the date in which I began my treatment – October 7th, I unleash a barrage of thankfulness and gratitude because I wouldn’t have witnessed it if I never recovered 5 years old.

In the same way, all who have received salvation from God, have received a new lease on life. A second chance. An opportunity to live in the freedom of Christ! How much more thanks should we be giving God?!

Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.

My encouragement for you is to find something to rejoice in God; whether it be life, salvation, grace, mercy, love, or freedom. God has created you purposefully for today and nothing delights Him more than when you rejoice in Him and walk with Him. When you do rejoice, don’t let it become stale, don’t let it become mechanical and something you have to do out of duty – *In a monotonous voice* “Thank you Lord for this food…bless this into our bodies…” Own it! Allow the praises of God to flow out of your life in worship.

Try it!

Double Identity Crisis

3 Jan


There is a social epidemic and has been one for a while since the introduction and flourishing use of social media.

This epidemic caught my attention as I read an article about certain people. These people seemed to have the perfect lives according to the others who knew them on social media. However, these people had committed suicide and left people scratching their heads as to why because it was perceived that they had it all.

In short, they were living a double life; an act. On social media, they were happy, adventurous, good-looking, laughing, living out amazing moments; enriched by experience, loved by people, and had it all…

But deep inside, they were dealing with aggressive inner troubles and battles; whatever they may have been. But it was a vastly different view to what was in the perception of public.

Now, there are definitely some things you don’t reveal to public, especially on the social media scope because private things ought to remain private and dealt with a small group of strong family and friends. However, we cannot fall in the trap in believing that someone has the perfect life and such because of what we see.

The world is crying out for practicality, genuineness, and authenticity. People want to be real and comfortable in who they are; along with others who feel and act the same! The issue is that our views have become distorted by how we perceive things on social media; and our actions become spurred on to create the perfect lives ourselves. This mentality can cause us to ‘pump’ ourselves up into a potential superstar of the world; creating something we’re not. This does take a lot of effort too! Trying to live with ourselves and act like somebody else, nobody has time for two full-time jobs! This is not only applicable to social media but in reality too. Only it is easier to create a persona online.

I have one thought for you for our attitudes on social media or life in general. Don’t aim to create the perfect life…LIVE LIFE! Have fun, enjoy each season and knuckle down to work.

You’ll find that you’re not wasting your energy in trying to be someone else but rather enjoying life because you’re real with yourself and others and that is what we need in this world! Don’t fall into this trap

1 Peter 3:3-4 – Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

Power in Release

21 Sep


One of the biggest paradoxes in life that limit our blessings or abundances is holding on when we are to let go. It is human nature to hold onto something desperately because we feel the need to keep it safe and secure. As we do this, whether it may be with finance, a person, situation, or a problem; we can hinder the progress of its nature.

When someone has been in an accident and is in great need of medical treatment and care. You often see a relative, spouse or friend panicking alongside the patient, prior to the point the doctor takes over. It takes incredible courage for one to release the friend/family member into the doctors care in order to gain the treatment required. You often hear in movies or TV shows, the person being told to leave the room so the doctor can do work without distraction. It is in the power of releasing the gives the doctor the best chance of helping the sick/injured patient.

In the same fashion, there is so much power in releasing, what we need to let go of, to God. God calls us to lay down our life and surrender. He calls us to hand over our worries and doubts. This takes incredible trust and courage to do so, but fortunately we serve the most amazing God who never fails us!

Psalm 55:22 – “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved”

1 Peter 5:7 – “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”

The fact is, we can only hold onto so much, and we can only do so much. That’s why there is such incredible power when we hand it over to God and look to obey what he calls us to do.

I remember a key moment in my life, as I found out the cause of my sickness was a form of cancer. I responded in the one way I knew was the best. I went into God’s presence and just laid myself at his feet. I was feeling neutral and muddled. I prayed and said “I can’t do anything, so I hand over this situation to you for I know you can take care of it. I promise I’ll follow you, even when it looks bad to me”. As you all know, God delivered for me. That was the most pivotal moment that I spoke over my life in regards to that situation. It was the game changer!

There is power in releasing. What is God calling you to release and trust him in?

Romance with God

1 Sep

Man and sunset

There is a statement that I love to mention, it gets very interesting responses. When talking about the love of God, the story of what God has done for us, the impact that God has in our lives, I refer it to the fact that “there is a sense of romance about doing life with God.” The most annoying response I get when I mention this is the awkward laugh or stare as if it’s wrong for me to say it. I’m pretty sure is that when people hear the term ‘romance’, only one thing comes to mind, and it may have crossed your mind now. 

As a hopeless romantic, I get fussed when people think it. It’s such an incredible limitation to what the concept of romance brings, especially romance with God!

I wanted to share why I use this saying to put forward an incredible thought to you! There’s a romance about doing life with God because it is greatest love ever shown and ever seen. God, the infinite being who created all things actually came down to earth to endure human life. While enduring human life, Jesus embodied the love of God, he transformed the lives around Him and initiated fellowship and unity. It doesn’t stop there. It resulted in Jesus laying down his own life for us, which is called the greatest act of love one can ever display. 

The action, of God coming to earth, shows that God is an intimate God, rather than one who is distant. There is beauty in this idea. 

God wants to bring the satisfaction, fulfillment of walking us into our dream, vision and plan that is perfectly tailored to our passion, gifts and strength. God loves us so much, that he wants to build us up into the masterpiece, wants to sharpen, strengthen us as we walk in his love and presence.

God wants to share the secrets, mysteries that he holds. God wants us to have the choice to seek and chase him! It allows God and us to move towards each other.

I truly believe that it is impossible to fathom the full extent of the incredibility of this notion. But we can appreciate the romance of this. After all, romance is an art form and God is an artist

Therefore, there is a sense of romance about doing life with God 


1 John 4:8 – ‘Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love’

World Religions

17 Aug

World Religions


A month or so ago, I elected to study the class – “World Religions and Belief Systems”, because I have always had this curiosity to learn about other religions. I wanted to know their beliefs, the causes to believe it and what the benefits are in believing in what the religion brings to one’s life. I knew that it would enhance my knowledge and enable me to think deeply about why I believe in my God. Some Christians may ‘forbid’ you to not look at other teachings for it may convert you but I don’t think we need to hold that fear if we believe we have truly discovered God. It certainly had a profound, positive impact on me and my relationship with God

It was absolutely fascinating to be able to study and write essays on those religions – namely Islam, Buddhism and Taoism; along with attending a Buddhist ceremony. Certain beliefs that I came across, I found enlightening. I believe it wasn’t the actual belief that caught my attention, but the reason people believe. It all came down to core needs and desires of a human being. Desires such as – wanting to be free, live in a peaceful world. Needs such as significance, love, provision and security. 

As I studied these beliefs and the actions of people, I became far more convicted in my own beliefs and I learnt so much for the other religions. I believe we, as Christians, can learn certain things from other religions that we have neglected in our Christian walk/fellowship. I learnt about meditation and discipline in Buddhism/Taoism. Buddhist meditate daily to transform their mind in the way their teachings have told them to. They meditate to strengthen their inner being and spiritual selves. They discipline themselves by not indulging in things that can distract their hearts and mind from finding the peace in themselves. Sometimes as Christians, we don’t discipline ourselves; we also definitely do not meditate on God’s Word as much as Christians in history used to (thanks to distraction of technology and the fast-paced society we live in). Biblical illiteracy continues to climb as each generation passes through, the gap between convicted Christians and easily-swayed Christians continue to widen.

I learnt about the impact of the need for families to teach, correct and love their children through the word of God through Islam. They have different teachings to Christianity but these Islamic families have strong influence in teaching their children and equipping them in their religion; thus raising up a convicted generation. The children grow up saturated by Islam teachings and develop their own passion and faith for their religion. These families ooze passion when speaking of their God and they don’t let anything else sway their families and beliefs. With that in mind, we need more families developing a strong unity with very Christ at the center. There are so many broken families, increasing the need for families to rely on Christ as their provider, teacher and guide. Parents have an important role, along with the church in equipping children to become faith-filled, influential and passionate followers that the world needs. If we have a purpose within our relationship in Christ, then doesn’t it become far easier to raise up children who discover God and build their own faith through the foundation that their families have set. Passion and support is needed to build strong faith in others.

There are so many things I’ve learnt that other religions value and emphasize – honor, peace, love, integrity, respect, passion, time, discipline and so on. What values do we hold in our relationship with God and what values do we neglect?

Don’t be afraid to be curious and seek God.

A thinking person is an influential person, a thinking Christian is a more convicted and influential person. 


14 May



First of all, if you want to know the song that inspires me every time I hear it, you can listen to it with lyrics on here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9rRLVZzF7A. The song is called “Devotion” by Hillsong; and it’s an incredibly moving song that touches me every time.


There seems to be many people wondering why God isn’t moving in their lives, why God isn’t more evident in our world. Personally, I believe it’s because we don’t have enough people devoted to God (cue the shock and horror). Here’s my reasoning, we live in a world that is distracted from God, a world where so many things demand our time and attention. I am a target to this plague myself. There are more hours demanded at work, school and family. Technology capturing our eyes through media, movies, smart phones, social media. Leisure such as going to footy games, cinemas, going on picnics and such. I am not saying this is all bad; but we do not devote enough time and attention to God. Less and less people are spending even less time to pick up their Bibles, to pray, to worship or to encounter God. We need to stop being busy and start being busy with purpose

I spoke to a friend of mine who was feeling the stress of everyday life, we had a great conversation and busy busy busy was the word that kept popping up. The question I felt prompted to ask was – “When was the last time you picked up and read your Bible?” He replied that it was a long time. Now that man is in the process of devoting himself to that time with God; since then, I have already seen little results from that and it’s only been a few weeks. When we give space to God for Him to work with, he can change us so radically and empower us to greater levels.

Romans 10:17 – So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ

We need to stop looking externally and wondering why God is not doing anything, but look internally and work out what we can do to allow God to do things within us. When we grasp that concept and put spiritual disciplines in place by making time and room for God. He will not let you down. We need to make time where it is just God wholly. No distractions but an unoccupied mind that will allow God to speak to you.

Another ‘challenge’ we face in our world and christian life, is we are so used to instant demands met and instant gratification. Whereas God speaks of being patient, sticking through the process, waiting on Him, quiet moments and all those words that are the opposite of what we are used to. However, this is how God gets the best out of us. This is how we can get the best out of ourselves. We need to make the conscious decision to devote ourselves to God, to devote time with Him, in prayer, worship, in His Presence; also need to be aware that we need to keep within the process before we see God working in us.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Now, the word ‘Devotion’ can have some very spiritual connotations; such as completely dropping everything, shaving your head and becoming a monk and praying at the monastery seven times a day. I’m not talking about that. When people talk about God’s purposes for your life; it doesn’t necessarily mean to become a pastor, a missionary, an evangelist or even a monk! It simply means God’s purposes for you. God can use many people and tools to outwork His presence in your everyday life. It is about you devoting your time to God, allowing Him to speak his dreams and purpose for you and acting on that. God intentionally places people in their workforce, churches, schools, past-times and around family/friends to outwork His calling for you.

Stop wondering why God isn’t doing anything, and give him something to work with.

Make the conscious decision to devote yourself to God, make an effort to create time and space for God to work with, learn of His heart for you and watch Him transform your life, and others in the process!