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Battle with Cancer

21 Apr

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Exploring the issues that I faced in my battle with cancer, this story is close to my hear because it developed my faith in God and cemented my conviction that God is real. This story can inspire you to propel closer to God as you face your own battles physically, emotionally, mentally, or relationally. We need to understand that when we submit to God, His hand is at work in our lives no matter how bleak the outlook is. The uplook to God is what matters the most and God will never fail to provide deliverance in your battles and will sustain you as you rest in Him.

My greatest blessing out of this situation was that I was truly able to experience God’s love, protection and hand over my life in this gruelling battle. It is because of this situation that I am closer to God today and have never looked back!

Be inspired, challenged and motivated to run to God in your time of trials and challenges in life!



Mere Mortals

22 Mar

In MoodyTalks #2 – James Moody shares his golden nugget inspired by the story of the prophet Elijah and the false prophets found in 1 Kings 18-19.

God has given you the capacity to do great things for him but he also hasn’t forgotten who you are. God understands what you need and what you’re capable of doing; after all he created you!

Don’t be afraid to enter in God’s presence and entrust every aspect of your life over to Him and witness the amazing things he can do in and through your life.